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UWW Learning Theories Momentary Maximization & Conditioning Analysis Essay

UWW Learning Theories Momentary Maximization & Conditioning Analysis Essay

Question Description

Answer the essay questions keeping the numbers.

Use the chapters uploaded for assistance please. Do not use outside sources.

At least 1300 words.

Due Wednesday December 16, 2020 before 4pm

It is not sufficient to merely regurgitate phrases from class presentation or the text.Your answer must display your understanding of the material, as well as being accurate and complete.When you are asked for examples you must come up with your own, not repeat examples from the class or text.

1. Define/describe the matching law and explain its importance to our understanding of how organisms make choices.Give a concrete example of matching, either in a laboratory or “real world” situation. Define/describe momentary maximization and explain how that process is related to matching.

2. According to an operant conditioning analysis, why do animals and most people tend to choose more immediate but small reinforcers over larger reinforcers that can be gained after some delay?Be sure to describe the process called value discounting in your answer.Describe some conditions under which we can turn an individual away from an impulsive choice (small, immediate reinforcer) and toward a self-control choice (larger but delayed reinforcer).

3. Define/explain the economic variables elasticity, price, commodity, and substitutability in operant conditioning terms.Concrete examples may be helpful. What do these variables, traditionally the domain of economics, have to do with operant psychology?

4. Define/describe stimulus generalization and stimulus discrimination in operant conditioning.Give an example of each.Compare and contrast absolute and relational theories of stimulus control.Given that there is strong evidence for relational theory, what does that imply for the cognitive abilities of non-human animals?

5. Define/describe the peak shift phenomenon and explain Spence’s analysis of how it happens.Include an example of peak shift happening in real life.Your example must be different from those given in class or the text.

6. How is concept formation related to stimulus control over operant behavior?Describe how a person or animal might learn to form a particular concept.(An example might be helpful in your explanation but is not required.)How or why is the ability to form concepts useful?

7. What problem does observational learning present for behaviorists who state that behavior is learned through operant conditioning experiences?What are mirror neurons and how does their discovery suggest a solution to this problem?

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