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University of Dayton Diversification Discussion Questions

University of Dayton Diversification Discussion Questions

Question Description

Question 1:

Discuss in 500 words or more federated architecture in cloud systems. Remember that this is a cloud class not a database class.

(500-550 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated. Write everything in own words.

Question 2:

1) Please describe the meaning of diversification. How does diversification reduce risk for the investor?

2) What is the opportunity cost of capital? How can a company measure opportunity cost of capital for a project that is considered to have average risk?

(500-550 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)(Please follow APA format) Please 3 references from journals or books will be appreciated. Write everything in own words.

Question 3:

Chapter 7

15. Constant-Growth Model. A stock sells for $40. The next dividend will be $4 per share. If therate of return earned on reinvested funds is a constant 15% and the company reinvests a constant40% of earnings in the firm, what must be the discount rate? (LO7-2)

16. Constant-Growth Model. Gentleman Gym just paid its annual dividend of $3 per share, and itis widely expected that the dividend will increase by 5% per year indefinitely. (LO7-2)a. What price should the stock sell at? The discount rate is 15%.b. How would your answer change if the discount rate was only 12%? Why does the answerchange?

18. Constant-Growth Model. You believe that the Non-Stick Gum Factory will pay a dividend of$2 on its common stock next year. Thereafter, you expect dividends to grow at a rate of 6% ayear in perpetuity. If you require a return of 12% on your investment, how much should you beprepared to pay for the stock? (LO7-2)

Chapter 11

1. Stock Market History. Use the data in Tables 11.1 and 11.4 to answer these questions: (LO11-1)a. What was the average rate of return on large U.S. common stocks from 1900 to 2017?b. What was the average risk premium on large stocks?c. What was the standard deviation of returns on the market portfolio?

2. Maturity Premiums. Investments in long-term government bonds produced a negative averagereturn during the period 1977–1981. How should we interpret this? Did bond investors in 1977expect to earn a negative maturity premium? What do these 5 years of bond returns tell us aboutthe normal future maturity premium? (LO11-1)

3. Risk Premiums. What will happen to the opportunity cost of capital if investors suddenlybecome especially conservative and less willing to bear investment risk? (LO11-1)

4. Risk Premium. If the stock market return next year turns out to be −20%, will our estimate ofthe “normal” risk premium increase or decrease? Does this make sense? (LO11-1)

5. Risk Premiums and Discount Rates. Top hedge fund manager Sally Buffit believes that astock with the same market risk as the S&P 500 will sell at year-end at a price of $50. The stockwill pay a dividend at year-end of $2. What price should she be willing to pay for the stocktoday? Assume that risk-free Treasury securities currently offer an interest rate of 2%. UseTable 11.1 to find a reasonable discount rate. (LO11-1)

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