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UCLA Evolutionary Biology Mutations & New Beneficial Dominant Allele Discussion

UCLA Evolutionary Biology Mutations & New Beneficial Dominant Allele Discussion

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I’m working on a biology question and need an explanation to help me study.

1) A mutation produces a new beneficial dominant allele. Which of the following statements is false when considering the rate of freq. change that will be observed for this allele in the population

-alelle will initially be present in heterozygotes

-it is less likely to reach a freq. of 1. than if it had been recessive

-its freq will increase slowly until homozygotes occur in the population

-individuals with this allele will express favorable phenotype

2)Which of the following is not an exampleof a component of fitness

-number of eggs a female can produce

-how long you live past reproductive age

-number of females a male mammal mates with in a breeding season

-ability of a sperm to successfully fertilize an egg

3)Which of the following is not associated with Darwins theory of evolution

-individuals in a population vary phenotypically

-more organisms are produced than can survive

-there are limited resources for which individuals compete

-all variations possessed by individuals of a population are inherited

4) What type of selection leads to the fixation of an advantageous allele




-all above

5) Which of the following is true when considering linkage disequilibrium

A-it decreases as recombination rate increases

B-it measure associations among alleles at different loci

C-it cannot cause an allele at a neutral locus to change in frequency

a and B


6) Which is false when considering a populations mean fitness(w)

-natural selection causes populations to evolve so that they become better adapted to their enviornment

-the average survival and reproduction of the population members increases over time

-fitness gains made by selection are continuously undermined by environments that change in space and time

-none of the above are false

7)What type of selection would decrease phenotypic variation in a trait but the mean of the trait would not change





8)Newborn mortality in the colony tends to be 5-10%. A series of genetic crosses suggests that the deaths in the newborns is due to a lethal recessive allele. What is the reasonable explanation for the persistence of this allele in the colony?

-homozygous recessive mice have a reproductive advantage

-the lethal allele reoccurs each generation due to a high mutation rate

-recessive allele cannot be selected against when it is in the heterozygote

-there is no dominance in heterozygotes

9) Which is NOT a misconception or misguided inference about evolution?

-evolution can prepare an organism for a future event that can impact its fitness

– a phenotype cannot solely be the product of physics or chemistry

-all aspects of an organism are the outcome of nonrandom process( ie natural selection)

-natural selection is constrained by past evolutionary events

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