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TWU Yellow Journalism and War Discussion

TWU Yellow Journalism and War Discussion

Question Description

Though just one of many causes, Yellow Journalism did play a role in making Americans aware of the situation in Cuba and building support for the Spanish-American War. Some historians argue that Yellow Journalism was critical to the United States declaring war. After reading your text, consider the role of media shaping American public opinion and action. To what extent did Yellow Journalism lead to war with Spain? What benefit did the newspaper owners gain from the war? How has journalism evolved since the Spanish-American War? Is the role or prominence of media today likely to have a greater or lesser affect on the American public now? Fully explain your answers and give specific examples when needed.

To receive full credit for this assignment your post must:

  1. Address the questions asked in the paragraph above in at least a 300-word post and cite all outside sources appropriately
  2. In your initial post, include at least one interesting question the readings raised for you
  3. Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts and attempt to answer their question (100 word posts minimum)

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Khadija Y

yellow journalism

Yellow journalism was a newspaper which would exaggerate events and emphasized a lot of things. It originated when newspapers like The New York Journal and New York World would compete for maximum viewers.

Yellow journalism led to the war with spain because it did not have all the facts, when the explosion happened on February 15 the yellow journalists saw this as a way to get a lot of audience to read their newspapers. Instead of having all the facts they immediately blamed the Spanish and said that this calls for war. In result of that, many Americans believed the newspapers and also wanted war. Later on they found out that the explosion could have been an accident so we did not even need to go to war but due to the public outcry and the pressure on the President they did not have any other choice.

The newspaper owners gained a lot of benefit from the war, many people started reading their newspapers and just like any other news outlet newspapers are also a money making business.

According to an article i read by Mia Comte, journalism is not the same as what it was like since the Americsn-Spanish war. There are a lot more ethics codes and standards and althought it varies from country to country, it is still there.

I feel like the media has a greater affect on American public because of what is going on right now due to the Covid-19. A lot of the media has spread false things regarding the corona virus and in spite of that it has made many people panic or fear to the point that stores ran out of toilet paper! Not all media is biased, they are a money making business and they will not always have the facts that is why you should not always believe unless it comes directly from the source.

A question i have is that if the yellow journalism had not existed would the United states have been able to avoid going to war with spain or was that just inevitable?

Čomić, Mia. “How Yellow Journalism Evolved and Why You Should Care about Its Influence.” Content Insights, 23 Dec. 2019,

Hanh D

Discussion: Yellow Journalism

Yellow Journalism is about newspaper and journalists companies who are interested in exaggerating. Uses sensationalism, hyperbole, bias, and sometimes just false reporting in order to rein in and influence its audience. It should be understood that the Yellow Journalism here is a sensational newspaper but the business is low, report no reliable source, regardless of the ethical and humanistic values in order to profit. They try to take advantage of every situation to create a crazy story into a story just to make it more interesting and earn more revenue.

In the late 1890s, two popular journalism is the New York World and the New York Journal, created a competition between these two publishing giants, maybe where the term yellow journalism comes from. But it’s more about their increasing rivalry and increasingly sensationalized headlines to attract people with better sales. At that time, Cuba was still controlled by Spain, they tried to rebel a bunch of times to no avail, and some people in the United States’ investments at Cuba starting to get nervous about all the Revolution, oppression, and bloodshed. But America was still in full-on isolation mode, presidents like Cleveland and McKinley just hoped that it would work itself out. But publishers like Hearst, on the other hand, were all too eager to fuel public concern. It said that Hearst told an artist covering this situation “you furnished the pictures; I’ll furnish the war”. February 15, 1898, the U.S battleship Maine was sent down to Havana Harbor with a mission to protect American citizens and American property. Then it flows up, killed 266 crew members publishers like they quickly blame the Spanish, even know when they didn’t have evidence soon.

I think journalism has evolved and it does have a greater affect today than before, but it doesn’t mean that journalism wouldn’t give us the false news. A lot of today’s journalists really take advantage of current events to try and make their point and get more followers. So my question is what happens if without magazines full of fake stories, and there were no social media?


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