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Sullivan College Avengers End Game & Pearl Harbor Movies Responses

Sullivan College Avengers End Game & Pearl Harbor Movies Responses

Question Description

Can you help me understand this Film question?

Think about the last movie you saw in a movie theater. What aspects of the movie had international components in it? Are there more international elements included that compared to your favorite movie 10 year


The last movie that I watched that had international components is “Queen of Katwe.” The movie displayed international elements through its inclusion of an African cast. The leading character and other main characters hail from Africa. It was refreshing to watch a film that featured dark-skinned African actors considering that this demographic is rarely represented on the big screen. On top of featuring African actors, the film was set in Africa as opposed to other films that make edits to achieve the same effect. Another element of the movie that I found stimulating was the representation of Africa in a positive light despite all the challenges that the people go through. The movie depicted young Africans as being driven, passionate, and intelligent, considering that the main character worked hard towards becoming a chess champion.

Looking back over ten years ago, when I watched the popular teen movie Mean Girls, there is a distinct lack of diversity and international representation. Not only does the movie feature an all-white cast, but the cast also seemed to be from the middle class and privileged backgrounds. The lack of international elements in the movie represents an era of film where diversity was merely an afterthought. The movie’s attempt at being internationally inclusive indicated that one of the characters had lived in Africa for a while. However, this character’s background in Africa was not reflected in the storyline. Comparing Mean Girls to Queen of Katwe shows a clear difference regarding diversity and international consciousness is concerned.

Nicole-Response One

The last movie I saw in the movie theatre was Avengers End Game. There were many international components in a movie this size. First the plot has locations from space, Wakanda, Asgard, the quantum realm to Africa, and New York. As the movie is about beating Thanos and the Avengers are from all over the universe, everything in the universe is fair game to include. Next the actors are from all over the globe. Many are from the United States like, Robert Downy Jr, Chadwick Bosman L, Michael Douglas, Mark Ruffalo, Brie Larson, Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd. Internationally, the actors are from all over. Tom Holland is from England, Chris Hemsworth – Australia, Natalie Portman – Israel, Karen Gillan – Scotland, Tom Hiddleston – United Kingdom, Cobie Smulders – Canada, Letitia Wright – Guyana, and Winston Duke from Trinidad and Tobago. As far as the locations for shooting most of the scenes were in or around Atlanta, Georgia. Some smaller shots were in New York State, Scotland and Durham.

Compared to 10 years ago, I would say there are much more international components to movies now. When I compare the Bourne or Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which were also Blockbusters, there is an advantage for filmmakers now. I see that it is now a global industry that has the benefit of finding just the right actor, site or location to make the movie perfect anywhere on the earth. After all, a decade ago, I am sure no one would have predicted a boy from England would play Spiderman, who is supposedly from Queens.

Miah-Response Two

It has been such a long time since I have been to the movies that I cannot remember what I last saw. For the discussion, I will use the last movie I watched which was Pearl Harbor. Looking back, there were many international components in this specific movie. We could first look at the actors themselves as well as the production team as they are from all over the world. While the movie itself was only filmed in Hawaii, the setting of the movie changes several times throughout between the United States and Japan. I would say the biggest international component of the movie was the character themselves. Those in the military come from all over the United States and are based out of Hawaii.

In my opinion, there are a lot more international components in movies than there were 10 years ago. I believe a lot of this has to do with technology advancement all around the world. I think about my favorite movie Stand By Me from years ago and the lack of international components that movie has. There was no diversity throughout as all of the characters were from the same small town with similar backgrounds. This is just one example of older movies choosing not to include international components to their storyline. Maybe this was not a conscious decision, but it is nice to see how mindful producers are of this in today’s movie industry. We can learn so much by implementing different international components to new movies.

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