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STS 359 NJIT The Big Five Inventory and Social Media Behavior Research Paper

STS 359 NJIT The Big Five Inventory and Social Media Behavior Research Paper

Question Description

I’m trying to learn for my Psychology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

For Short Paper #1, you will explore the link between personality traits and social media behaviors.

The trait theory of personality states that individuals are made up of a collection of traits, behavioral predispositions that can be identified, measured, and that differ from person to person. A personality trait, by definition, is “an enduring quality that makes a person tend to act a certain way.”

The Big Five model of personality contends that there are five essential dimensions to personality:

  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Neuroticism
  • Openness

According to this model, each dimensions represents some fundamental aspect of human personality. High and low scores in each dimension confer a different set of characteristics.

Your assignment for this short paper contains four parts. Your paper MUST address all four parts in order to receive full credit.

  1. Complete the short-form Big Five Personality Inventory (click here to take the assessment (Links to an external site.)). After completing the questions, the assessment will display your results as well as provide more information on each of the five personality dimensions.
  2. After completing the assessment, report the following for all five dimensions: (a) your raw score; (b) an interpretation of your raw score (i.e., whether you scored “high” versus “low” AND characterize what traits typify someone who scores high OR low on each dimension); and (c) an evaluation of the short-form assessment: Do the results seem to confirm what you already know about yourself? Do any of the results strike you as inaccurate? Why or why not?
  3. Next, use the data provided below in Table 1 to predict social media behaviors for someone with your Big Five personality profile. Be sure to write about ALL FIVE personality dimensions.
  4. Finally, reflect on the extent to which the data provided are indicative of your own social media habits based on the results of your personality inventory. In general, do the social media behaviors based on your personality inventory do a good job of describing your own social media habits? A fair job? A poor job? What do they successfully predict? What do they fail to capture or predict about your own social media habits?

STS 359 Table #1 Short Paper #1.png

For Table 1, plus signs (+) indicate a direct relationship between the social media behavior and personality dimension. For example, as neuroticism increases, the use of anxiety words on social media increases. Thus, an individual who scores higher on neuroticism is more likely to use anxiety words on social media.

A minus sign () indicates an indicates an inverse relationship. For example, as conscientiousness increases, the use of swear words on social media decreases. Thus, an individual who scores higher on conscientiousness is less likely to use swear works on social media.

If no sign appears, it means that there was no observed relationship between the social media behavior and the personality dimension.

All data come from the following study: Predicting Personality with Social Media (Links to an external site.).

Please feel free to check out the study in more depth OR if you need further explanation of any of social media behaviors listed in Column 1 in the above table (in particular, see the “Data Collection” section beginning on page 3).



Write at least 500 words (although you may always write more), not including title, citations, or identifying information.

Be sure to include a list of references identifying sources for your findings (if applicable).



For the submission you upload to Turnitin, sources should be explicitly defined in a references section.


Grading Rubric:

The following grading rubric will be used to evaluate this and all future short paper assignments. Possible points for each section are included in parentheses.

STS 359 Short Paper Rubric.png

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