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Strayer University Week 2 Government Potection to the Homeless Discussion

Strayer University Week 2 Government Potection to the Homeless Discussion

Question Description

Respond to the postings of at least twoof your colleagues, responding to the same colleagues in both the Week 2and Week 3 Discussions. Work with your colleagues to determine yourstatement’s feasibility and appropriateness as it relates to your topic.Use their feedback to hone and refine your problem statement.

Evaluate your colleagues’ problem statements,judging their clarity and strength: To what extent is the problemsignificant enough to warrant study? What other components or issuesmight be added to the problem statement? What other feedback can youprovide that will strengthen the statement? Explain and justify yourdecisions and feedback. Support or challenge your colleagues’ choices ofkey words. $5 Post

The dissertationtopic that I am considering is a Case Study of the Homeless living atLAX (LAAPOA, 2020). I selected this topic due to my experience as aCrime Analyst at LAPD where I worked with our Senior Lead Officers whowere tasked with cleaning up areas that were inundated with homelessindividuals. It was my job to identify the areas that would bedesignated for directed patrol missions and to determine if the missionsworked based on the reduction in crime over various periods of time.At the time, it was common practice to utilize ordinances to discouragethe homeless from migrating to prime areas (Herring, 2019). Thisincluded making arrests for vagrancy, public intoxication and otheroffenses that are common in the homeless population. At the time Ididn’t understand that the practice was unfair and bias and ultimatelyillegal. It is not a crime to be homeless. It is the socialresponsibility of leaders to identify fair practices to assist withmitigating the homeless problem which is a National problem. There areover 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles County alone (Los Angeles Almanac,n.d.).

Research at theDoctorate level should help facilitate positive social change (Walden).The case study will address the barriers that stakeholders face whenattempting to get the homeless population to accept traditionalservices. This topic meets the criteria of the Litmus Test whichidentifies original contributions to the field based on the gap inresearch (Walden University, n.d.). The research will be conductedutilizing a qualitative study where stakeholders will be interviewed tohelp determine why the homeless population is refusing the servicesbeing offered.

There areresources offered by Walden University to assist with the dissertationprocess through both the Library department and the Doctorial CapstoneResources guides. I will be utilizing the library to find the most upto date literature on my topic as I create my literature review toidentify the gap in research. I will be utilizing the Literature reviewmatrix to organize and analyze the information that I find from thelibrary along with outside sources like google scholar (WaldenUniversity, n.d.). In addition to finding the necessary resources, itis also important to ensure that the research topic and methodology areacceptable by the IRB. Having the correct formatting is also importantand can reduce the likelihood of information being rejected. Theappropriate templates can be found in the Capstone Resources to ensurethat the research material is presented in a way that is acceptable forthe dissertation. I will be utilizing every aspect of the DoctorialCapstone Resources so that I have a good understanding of thedissertation process and meet the expectations of the University.


Herring, C. (2019). Complaint-Oriented Policing: Regulating homelessness in public space. American Sociological Review Vol. 84 (5) 769-800.

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