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SIMPATH 432 Sentinel University Robust Flow of Goods and Services Discussion

SIMPATH 432 Sentinel University Robust Flow of Goods and Services Discussion

Question Description

Activity 4


A community assessment begins with a basic windshield survey where each community subsystem is explored. Explore how economics may influence health and develop economic prevention strategies in relation to community health levels of prevention.

Click on the Enter Sentinel City® and continue your virtual experience by taking a bus tour of Sentinel City®. Since this is your second tour, feel free to choose any bus speed and/or get off the bus at any time to walk around. As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically focused on the subsystem: economics, note sign that indicate if the city is “thriving” or “surviving”. Meet with Mayor Hill to discuss the subsystem: economics. Compile your observations and any demographic information addressing each item listed in the first column of the rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe that may not be listed in the first column as you complete this activity.

Reading and Resources

Harkness & DeMarco (2016) Read Chapters 18 & 19

Visit Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site

Visit CDC Minority Health: Other At Risk Populations

Additional Instructions:

  1. All submissions should have a title page and reference page.
  2. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly resources.
  3. Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria.
  4. Adhere to APA compliance guidelines.
  5. Adhere to the chosen Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines.

Submission Options:

Choose One:



  • 1 to 2-page paper. Include title and reference pages.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

  • 4 to 6 slides. Add title and reference slides.
  • Follow Rules of 7.

Other media (Prezi, etc.) presentation

  • 4 to 6 slides with speaker notes. Add title and reference slides.
  • Follow Rules of 7.

Video Presentation

  • 3 to 5-minute video presentation.
  • Attach reference page or include in video.
  • Professional appearance and background.
  • Video submissions must include a script in Word format, submitted


  • Table with appropriate columns and headers.
  • Include title and reference pages.

Graphs or other illustrations

  • Graphs or illustrations with appropriate labels. Include title and reference pages.


  • Poster utilizing any applicable poster template. Include visual graphics/images/other formats for visual appeal. Include appropriate title and references on poster.

Note: Title and reference pages/slides do not count towards the count requirements.Population Health – EconomicsDescription: The baccalaureate graduate nurse will apply leadership concepts, skills, anddecision making in providing care in a variety of settings.Course Competencies: 1) Examine community health nursing roles within the core functionsand essential services of public health. 7) Conduct a windshield survey. 9) Examine the role ofthe nurse in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.QSEN Competencies: 1) Patient-Centered Care 4) Quality ImprovementBSN Essential IIArea GoldMasterySilverProficientBronzeAcceptableAcceptableMastery notDemonstratedObservationsOccupational groups:retail, industrial,farming, service,government, ortourismWhich section(s) ofthe city are theoccupational groupsfound?Signs of high or lowunemploymentDo people work in thecommunity or travel tooutside communities?All of the listedobservations areclearly addressedand discussed ina comprehensiveand detailedmanner with 2 ormore specificexamples.Additionalissues, not listedare addressed.Three or more ofthe listedobservations arenot present ordiscussed indepthTwo or less ofthe listedobservationsare not presentor discussed indepthDoes notincludeobservationsHow can economicsinfluence health?Provide examples.Using levels ofprevention, primary,secondary, tertiary,chose one issue andexplain how youwould address orapply it to each levelas a community healthnurse.How caneconomicsinfluence health?Provideexamples.Using levels ofprevention,primary,secondary,tertiary, choseone issue andexplain how youwould address orapply it to eachlevel as acommunityhealth nurse.How caneconomicsinfluence health?Does not provideexamples. Usinglevels ofprevention,primary,secondary,tertiary, choseone issue andexplain how youwould address orapply it to eachlevel as acommunityhealth nurse.How caneconomicsinfluencehealth?Provideexamples.Does notaddresssectionAPA, Grammar,Spelling, andPunctuationNo errors in APA,Spelling, andPunctuation.One to three errorsin APA, Spelling,and Punctuation.Four to sixerrors in APA,Spelling, andPunctuation.Seven or moreerrors in APA,Spelling, andPunctuation.References Provides two ormore references.Provides tworeferences.Provides onereferences.Provides noreferences.

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