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QSO 300 SNHU Operations Management And Sales Discussion

QSO 300 SNHU Operations Management And Sales Discussion

Question Description

In this discussion I will be needing my initial post and then two classmate responses done in the time allowed.

In this lesson, we discuss the importance of integrating sales and operations. This idea of integrated management is indeed a key tenet of supply chain and operations management practices today.

Summarize the ways through which sales and operations planning can be integrated. Then, extend your findings to additional supply chain management processes that you feel could be better integrated.

Which two (or more) processes did you integrate? Why and how?

In response to your peers, discuss what this integration could do to improve a company’s bottom line.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

1st classmate response needed.

8-1 Discussion: Integration

Diana Smith posted Feb 22, 2021 5:16 PM

Greetings class,

Wow…this semester has went by so fast and I wish everyone well on their journey!

Sales and operations planning know as S&OP are very vital on how managing a facility operates on a daily basis. This operation helps develop innovative ways to proceed with inventory audits, reviews, project projections and financial data within the facility operations. (Political Risk in International Business., 2017, July 7). This process will help ease the stress of employees and come together and communicate the flow and streamline questions and concerns. Planning a structured environment will enhance growth and development and produce value within the facility. I believe that the tactical planning could evolve more and be better integrated. Tactical planning is very focused on what is next to come in the path of the industry and the management operates a functional data analysis to coagulate the whole company as a piece instead of bits in pieces.

In order to be successful in any industry, one should communicate with employees, management, distributors, and manufactures to gather data on a daily to weekly basis. (Political Risk in International Business., 2017, July 7). Every area of the company needs to see a broad spectrum as a whole and how if one piece fails in accordance, what effects the company next. This causes a very uniformed review as a reference for the stability and growth. I also like the Top-down planning system that provides an overall of the day to day functions as a breakdown on the coordination preparation and sales. This plan seems to be very simple and management can manage this daily on what goals are met and what needs to succeed for the following day.(Political Risk in International Business., 2017, July 7). This is a great way to rally the team together in the morning and focus on goals and how we can exceed them day to day.

Cheers to everyone,

Diana Smith


Political Risk in International Business. (2017, July 7). Retrieved January 28, 2021, from

2nd classmate response needed.


Rosemary Sladky posted Feb 17, 2021 3:12PM

Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) is the process of balancing resources and forecasted demand, aligning an organization’s competing demands from supply chain to final customer, while linking strategic planning with operations over all planning horizons (Heizer, 2017). Successful S&OP integration can be complex and requires communication and effort from different groups within the business such as sales, marketing, finance, and the supply chain. S&OP can be integrated into sales by analyzing market share and maximizing revenue through accurate forecasting and focusing on product availability and customer satisfaction. Finance departments integrate S&OP through budgeting and utilizes forecasts as well to allocate funds for upcoming aggregate plans. Supply chain management uses demand and forecasting and translates that information into an aggregate plan to determine appropriate inventory levels, and safety stock levels. Supply chain management also used the information to prevent “bullwhip effect” which occurs when larger order size fluctuations are relayed to the supply chain from retailers and creates unstable production schedules (Heizer, 2017). Collaborative forecasting and communication across multiple departments and business partners is critical in successful sales and operation planning integration.


Heizer, Jay, Render, Barry, Munson, Chuck. (2017) Operations Management: Sustainability and supply chain management. (pp 473, 535-536)

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