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Purdue University Transactional communication Responses

Purdue University Transactional communication Responses

Question Description

I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.

I need you to answer the following questions for me please:

1. Recreate the transactional model of communication. Please make sure that you properly label and describe each of the elements in this model. This means that you will have properly labeled each element and offered a brief description of each of the elements in writing to the side to demonstrate your understanding of each element as it functions in this model to capture the communication process.

A.Which elements of the transactional model of communication are IMPACTED the most because of culture? How are they IMPACTED by culture? How does this shape intercultural communication? Please be specific and give at least one example that illustrates the importance and IMPACT this factor(s) has on your communication.

2. Explain and describe what is culture is

A.With the models we have used in class to discuss culture? Describe these models briefly. How have these models offered insight into the complex concept and practice of culture?

B. In what ways has your AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING of culture changed over the course of the semester?

C.What, if any, has been the IMPACT on you as an individual and a communicator by this deepened understanding of culture?

3. In what ways, if any, have you become more AWARE of your identities through this course?

A.Please recognize and briefly describe the different identities that we discussed this semester.

B.How have your UNDERSTANDINGS of identity, and your identities specifically, changed/shifted/morphed because of the concepts, issues, and other ideas we have talked about over the course of the semester?

C.In what ways do you believe, if at all, this class will impact/has impacted your UNDERSTANDING of self and other?

D.How will you talk about identity now and UNDERSTAND the identities of others after this course?

4. How does a person’s worldview influence their perceptions of the world? What are some of the major influences that work to shape a person’sworldview? How does these worldviews identify, treat, and understand cultural others? How does worldview then impactintercultural communication?

In this paragraph use examples of:

A.Kohls’ American Values

B.Schwartz’ Basic Value Theory (Six Characteristics of Values and Ten Basic Human Values)

C.Hofstede’s Value Dimensions

D.Hall’s Time Orientations

E.Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck’s Value Orientation Theory

F.Ontological and Epistemological Worldviews


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