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Purdue University Community Counseling and Social Justice Discussion

Purdue University Community Counseling and Social Justice Discussion

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  • Please answer the following questions, 300 words minimum.
  • Define “community counseling” as discussed beginning on page 9 of the text and include the concepts of community, multicultural competence, social justice, and the healthy development of clients and communities
  • Why is the community counseling model important to mental health professionals?
  • How does the community counseling model tie the services provided by the counselor to the client’s environment.

Please reply to the following posts, 200 words minimum for each post.

Post 1

As stated by the textbook, community counseling is, “A comprehensive helping framework that is grounded by in multicultural competence and oriented toward social justice.” The concept of community is said to be a group of people who have things in common and share similar interests and needs. Community is what unites many different people together, no matter their race, gender, origin, etc. Multicultural competence is what is widening the scope to which mental health professionals are expanding their helping strategeis to reach everyone. In other words, they want to adopt new strategies that can help out people of different cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds to best reach them. It is stated that mental health professionals must be aware of their cultural view and biases in order to best help their client. They need to put their beleifs and views aside and understand the differences between their culture’s and their client’s cultures. Social justice is the understanding of other races, origins, genders, etc, and being able to promote acess and fairness for everyone. Counselors need to understand how to help someone who has not had equal access or treatment to their way of life, whether that be in their human rights or access to resources. A counselor helps in community by advocating for social justice and understaning their need to help everyone to be treated fairly. Lasltly, human development is, “the process of enlarging people’s choices.” This means reachnig certain capabalities that can allow people lead better and healthier lies, whether that be working on the social, political or even economic aspects of people’s lives. The reaching of these capapbilities allow people to feel part of a community.

The community counseling model is important to mental health professionals because it makes it easier to establish a healhty system that can best deliver mental health help to a community. It is important to know that to best make use of the model is by facilitating growth by using positive and empowering methods. The community counseling model ties the services provided by the counselor to the client’s environment becasue ot allows for a health system. Without a healthy community that is provided by the counselor, there might not be progress. There need to be a positive setting and environent to best help the client.

Post 2

According to the text, community counseling is defined as a comprehensive helping framework that is grounded in multicultural competence and oriented toward social justice. The concept of community can have many different meanings. Communities have unity, continuity, and predictability; this means that it consists of so many different variables that bring everything together. Multicultural competence is known to as being able to become aware of your own assumptions about huan behavior, values, biases, preconveived notions, and personal limitations. It also has to do with actively understanding the worldview of culturally different clients and learning to work and understand what works best for them. Social justice is characterized as the belief that all people have a right to equitable treatment, suport for their human rights, and a fair allocation of societal resources and advocating for it. In regards to healthy development of clients and communities, that is known as the process of enlarging people’s choices when it comes to their health and mental health.


The community counseling model is important to mental health professionals because it facilitates human and community development through client advocacy, and mental health interventions to be able to assist the community on more ways than one.


The community counseling model ties the services provided by the counselor to the client’s environment by focusing on the human development, psychological and multicultural counseling theories that should be addressed when needed in the therapeutic setting. It also allows counselors to apply many different interventions that build on people’s inner strrenghts and allow for an ultimate change that help in advocating for clients and supports healthy human development. As counselors, we want to be able to assist our clients in as many ways as we can, even if comes to the point of needing to refer them to another professional. With the community counseling model, counselors will be able to advocate and help clients to the best of their abilities.

Requirements: 300 words minimum main post and 200 words minimum each reply

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