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PU Human Resource Operations Management & Good Labor Relation Discussion

PU Human Resource Operations Management & Good Labor Relation Discussion

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Unit 7: Current Events Discussion

2929 unread replies.2929 replies.


This discussion is about human resource and operations management. Conduct research on current events relating to one of the unit concepts of interest to you. Then, share your findings in an initial post. Try to choose a concept that has not been, or is rarely, addressed by your classmates. Review peers’ findings and then engage in an active discussion to learn more about the topic at hand.


Due Date

  • Initial post by 11:59 p.m., Thursday, CT.
  • Response post(s) by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, CT.


  1. Complete the unit readings.
  2. Select one of the unit concepts to research. Find a current event in an article through Park’s library, that will illustrate that concept. Compose an analysis of that event or situation in the article that you selected.
  3. Initial Post
    • Provide the name of your source (online journal)
    • Provide an overview of the issue at hand
    • Summarize the article
    • Analyze the event or situation based on a concept covered in this unit.
    • Support your response with at least one credible reference.
  4. Response Posts
    • Select two peers to respond to.
    • Explain why you agree or disagree with their analysis.
    • Support your responses with credible references, where applicable
    • Student 1
    • I chose and article on the aging population and how it is affecting our economy as a whole. In this article it gives a quick overview of how our population has decreased since the WWII peak also known as the “Baby boomers”, from 2000 – 2010 there has been 47% lower birthrates then in the past, 2018 was the lowest birth rates in the past 30 years. Which means there are more people retiring / leaving the workforce then entering it. Another thing that has been noticed are more death’s than births. Having more of an aging population rather than young adults makes companies have to get creative and make changes or else we as a nation and our economy will suffer greatly. There will be fewer opportunities for new workers as well as those already in the companies. One of the things we learned about this week was how exactly how this aging population can affect yet also change the way we do things in order for it to help us. This article also explains the different things they are implementing to help battle the lower birthrates and the growing population of our aging community. A few of the different things they are implementing are lowering barriers for those trying to enter the workforce as well as the elderly who wish to keep working. They want to make necessary changes to make it flexible and easier for them to keep their employment. They are also trying to incentivize by increasing Earning Income Tax credit for those who do not have any kids and finally migrant workers. They are looking at allocating a certain amount of employment for visa workers / permanent working.ReferencesThe Aging Workforce: Tackling the Challenge…
    • Student 2
    • Hello!The article I found was about how companies are beginning to use travel clubs to help alleviate the costs incurred for business travelers, both domestic and international. The travel clubs work with jet companies that operate kind of like a time share. If a company owns a jet, it can agree to let it become part of the fleet, and thus go from having one corporate jet to an entire fleet of jets. Once it becomes part of the fleet, a portion of the costs of the jet then become the responsibility of the “time share” company. These clubs “are the travel equivalent of gated communities offering private transportation, vetted accommodations, expert-travel advisors and on-site concierge services, plus stringent cleaning protocols and contactless check-in options (Covid concerns)”. Not only do the clubs provide seamless air travel accommodations, but they also provide medical insurance and provisions, private security and violent crime coverage. The difficulty arises for companies in certain locations where accommodations are not in the corporate hub of the destination. I think this is a perfect opportunity for an enterprising company to create a travel club exclusively for business travelers and corporate expats. Rather than forcing them to make due with the less expensive option of travel clubs, corporations can create their own clubs that cater to their specific needs, including assisting with establishing long term provisions. For example, just as the jet company is kind of like a time share for jets, business owners could put their company apartments in big cities into a kind of corporate Airbnb. They could come with their own local staff including a language and culture expert/sponsor/guide…kind of like a concierge on steroids. The travel clubs offer a wide variety of short term amenities that corporations need on a more long term basis. On page 383 of our text, Laura Gunderson performs many of the duties that mirror much of what the leisure travel clubs offer, only on a much larger scale. She describes her responsibilities as relocation assistance, talent management, recruitment, employee development, compensation, labor relations, and information systems. Combining the two concepts to create a tailored service for international businesses around the world would be an amazing thing. It would provide continuity for companies that need employees in various locations. By targeting specific needs, it would assist corporations and smaller companies in cutting costs while more effectively preparing their employees to live and work abroad. It appears there is an untapped market for anyone who is interested in offering those services as a shared entity where everyone benefits. Such a club would enter a marketing dream because it would fit right in with the current societal trends of minimal waste and the distaste for overt displays of wealth (among other things). For example, the “corporate jet fleet” could be touted as environmentally friendly corporate jets because they are shared. It’s like a carpool in the air that you can’t get bumped from! Reliability, cost effective, and fuel conservation all in one. It would be a terrific time for anyone who might want to establish such a “Corporate Club” (Hey! Should I trademark that?) ReginaGeringer, M. (2015). International Business. [MBS Direct].…WORDS SUSAN MCKEE – ABI/INFORM Collection – ProQuestLinks to an external site.

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