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Pratt Institute Main Wk 2 Secret Activities of The Cia Discussion

Pratt Institute Main Wk 2 Secret Activities of The Cia Discussion

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Reading 4: Time magazine: Did Yeltsin Steal the Election (in 1996)?Main ThemesA. Time magazine on “rigged” Russian election. The following are the main points:Details 1. behind closed doors…during a meeting, President Medvedev in 2011…stated that Yeltsin did not actually win re-election in 1996 for his second term…in other words, it had been rigged. 2. Since Yeltsin named Vladimir Putin as his chosen successor in 2000, and Putin did the samefor Medvedev eight years later—then the first election was a fraud, as is Russia’s entire electoral systemReading 5: VIPs on Russia Hack of DNCMain ThemesA. The group VIPs, former US intelligence officials, say the claim by US intelligence agencies that Russia “hacked” DNC emails is falseDetails 1. Who do the VIPs say did it? 2. VIPs: US intelligence agencies have used deception in the past—why believe them now?3. Data was deliberately altered and documents were pasted into a Russianified [W]ord document with Russian language settings and style headings. 4. VIPs: While we can’t prove it, “Marble,” part of Vault 7’s cybertools, is capable of obfuscating [JS=”confusing” or “covering up”] the origin of documents in false-flag [JS: false-

flag is a tactic by the CIA to deceive by making things look as if other countries have done something when the CIA has done it] operations and leaving markings that point to whatever the CIA wants to point toReading 6: Carl Bernstein on CIA and the Media (from Rolling Stone magazine, 1977)Main ThemesA. US News Media Worked with the CIA; the Church Committee Covered It Up[JS: The Church Committee was a committee formed in 1975 by the US Senate to investigate therole of the CIA, NSA, FBI, IRSDetails 1. Over 400 journalists work, often with the consent of the media management, with the CIA (in 1977). They work with foreign spies and gather intelligence. They include The New York Times, CBS, Time magazine. CIA focus on journalism began in 1953, when Allen Dulles was head of CIA 2. The number of journalists working with CIA was cut back sharply in 1973, when, in response to public disclosure that the Agency had secretly employed American reporters, CIAdirector Colby began scaling down the program. In his public statements, Colby gave the impression that the use of journalists had been minimal and of limited importance to the Agency.He then initiated a series of moves intended to convince the press, Congress and the public that the CIA had gotten out of the news business. But according to Agency officials, Colby had in fact thrown a protective net around his valuable intelligence in the journalistic community. Heordered his deputies to maintain Agency ties with its best journalist contacts while severing formal relationships with many regarded as inactive, relatively unproductive or only marginally important. 3. Because of William Colby’s influence (head of CIA), the final report of the Church Committee only mentioned “in deliberately vague and sometimes misleading terms” the CIA andjournalists, and does not adequately describe the media cooperation with the CIA. 4. CIA “proprietaries”: CIA secretly bankrolled [JS: “funded”] many foreign press services, periodicals and newspapers which provided cover for CIA operatives 5. CIA had contacts with: journalists, editors, publishers, broadcast network executives, columnists and commentators 6. The NY Times was by far most valuable newspaper for the CIA. From 1950 to 1966, about ten CIA employees were provided Times cover 7. CIA officials cite two reasons why its relations with the Times was closer and more extensive than with any other paper: the Times maintained the largest foreign news operation in American daily journalism; and the close personal ties between the men who ran both institutions[JS: for NYT, Arthur Hays Sulzberger; for CIA, William Colby, Allen Dulles, or Richard Helms]A] JS: The NYT is still close to the CIA 8. DESPITE THE EVIDENCE OF WIDESPREAD CIA USE OF journalists, the SenateIntelligence Committee and its staff decided against questioning any of the reporters, editors, publishers or broadcast executives whose relationships with the Agency are detailed in CIA files. According to sources in the Senate and the Agency, the use of journalists was one of two areas of inquiry which the CIA went to extraordinary lengths to curtail. The other was the CIA’s continuing and extensive use of academics for recruitment and information gathering purposes. In both instances, the sources said, former directors Colby and Bush and CIA special counselMitchell Rogovin were able to convince key members of the committee that full inquiry or even

limited public disclosure of the dimensions of the activities would do irreparable damage to thenation’s intelligence-gathering apparatus, as well as to the reputations of hundreds of individuals.

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