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NLC Ethics for Decision Making on & Off the Clock Ensuring Efficiency Discussion

NLC Ethics for Decision Making on & Off the Clock Ensuring Efficiency Discussion

Question Description

I have to reply one for case study another for discussion board.

  • Case study reply for T. william
  • Observation discussion board post reply for Djan

Ethics for Decision Making On/Off the Clock?

By T William Monday, 15 February 2021, 4:20 PM

a. Title: On/Off the Clock?

b. Facts Regarding the Case:

In March 2020, the U.S. was in the beginning stages of a Pandemic, known as COVID-19. Due to the infectious nature of the virus, my employer moved most, if not all our 30,000+ employees from working in the office to working from home. Prior to beginning working remotely, each employee was e-mailed a set of rules which we had to read, sign and return to our Human Resources Dept. acknowledging that we understood them. Since we manually enter our time each week, we are basically on the “honor system” even though we have agreed to the rules.

One of the work-from-home rules heavily emphasized was the importance of accurately reporting time worked including breaks and/or lunches. The rules also stated that the consequences of inaccurate reporting would be disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Since March 2020, we have periodically received reminders of the time-keeping rules, verbally and in writing.

Recently, our company sponsored a Zoom meeting that was scheduled to last three hours. Due to the number of people on the call, we were not required to show our faces, we just had to log in and listen. Some of my co-workers stated (outside of the hearing of a supervisor) that they would login to the meeting and then leave home. Shortly after the meeting was announced, I realized that I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled during that three-hour window.

c. Ethical Problem:

The dilemma was whether I should log on to the Zoom meeting and then go to the doctor’s appointment (as some employees suggested) but report that I was present for the whole three hours.

d. Alternative responses and/or solutions:

There are several alternatives to consider rather than pretending to attend an on-line work-from-home meeting while at the doctor’s office. One alternative would be to request PTO (paid time off) which is available based on the number of years one has worked for the company. The advantage of this alternative would be there would be no need to be deceptive and risk losing my job. The disadvantage would be that I would have to use vacation time that I may need/want to use at a later date.

Another alternative would be to speak to the supervisor and explain that I will need to miss the meeting for personal reasons. In most cases, the supervisor will allow me to “make up” the time missed. The advantage to this alternative would be that the supervisor will usually provide notes from the meeting on what was missed. The disadvantage would be I would have to work longer another day to “make up” the time. Finally, I could re-schedule the appointment during lunch time or outside of work hours which means that I would not have to miss the meeting or “make up” that time. The advantage with this alternative is that I would not have to falsify my time keeping. The disadvantage would be I might have to choose a time inconvenient for me to see the doctor.

e. My Response:

The alternative I chose was to reschedule my doctor’s appointment so that I could be present for the full three hours of the Zoom meeting. I consider this an ethical situation because I have had conversations with many co-workers who ponder what the harm is in taking a few minutes to a few hours while on the clock to take care of personal business. I share with them my reasons for the choices I make in life which are because I try not to deceive my employer or anyone else, because I try to be an ethical person, and because I don’t want to have something hanging over my head that I would feel guilty about.

2. Observation discussion board reply for Djan

I think most of us here truly believe that Thanksgiving is for the Indians that brought food for the pilgrims as we are products of public schools. Who would have thought that it has a theological background? Does this have something to do with the country straying away from being religious? Everything now is interpreted in a secular way that we shun associating our national activities to have something to do with God?

These days, we do everything without the knowledge that this country has been built based on the belief in God. Does this have something to do with us being a prosperous country? Young generations now see nothing of this country being religious. Or is it that our main concern now is how to put food on our tables and never minding being religious.

Regarding the Church of Holy Trinity vs the United States, the case should have gone on the point of whether the subject did have a degree or what. If the pastor has no degree then he can be considered unskilled. But he is not, he is a pastor. He should be allowed to get into the country not on the basis because he is a religious person but on his skill.

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