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MSWK 6000 Walden University Transformative Organization Leadership Research Paper

MSWK 6000 Walden University Transformative Organization Leadership Research Paper

Question Description

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There are two parts to this assignment.

Part One

  • Transformative Organization Leadership Research Paper/Report
  • A). Research and write 8-page report on an organization that went through turmoil but was stabilized by a leader whereby the organization is flourishing now. This can be a private, public, profit or nonprofit organization.

    The following offers the instructional guide for writing the paper.

    A. Cover Page

    B. Introduction/Background: Introduce the subject matter, describe what you will do in the paper, and provide a background of the leader.

    C. Literature Review: Provide scholarly literature on leadership theories and contextualize it in answering the following questions. Use credible, scholarly and academically based materials:

    1. Trait Theory

    a. What personality characteristics the leader (he/she) showed that in your opinion are traits of a leader that has contributed to his/her success in the organization? Describe it.

    2. Behavior Theory

    a. What behaviors has this leader demonstrate that has contributed to his/her success as a leader e.g. Laissez-fair, autocratic, democratic, transactional style or combination of them. Describe this.

    3. Contingency Theory

    a. How did this person respond to various situations that stabilized the organization? Describe it with some concrete examples.

    4. Transformative Theory

    a. How did this leader bring about change in the organization to make it more efficient, that is a positive and sustainable change? Indicate what type of change it was e.g. systematic, rapid, revolutionary, dramatic, sustained, or slow.

    b. How did he/she contribute to humanizing organization context?

    c. How did he/she improve effectiveness of the program, services, and or/policies?

    d. How did he/she enhance delivery system, performance, productivity, motivation, and moral?

    e. How did he address social and environmental justice including diversity and fair wages?

    5. Ethical, Responsible, and Accountable Leadership

    a. Gather examples of how this leader demonstrated/showed ethical, responsible, and accountable behavior e.g. as follows:

    i. Maintains transparency

    ii. Promotes, drives, and invites dialogues to enhance diverse perspectives

    iii. Fosters an open door policy approach

    iv. Communicates and handles social

    6. Policy Perspective: Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice

    a. What changes in policies did this leader seek or bring about

    i. To preserve/enhance human rights of the client

    ii. To preserve/enhance human rights of the staff members/labor force

    b. What justice framework did they adopt to

    i. Redress client grievance

    ii. Redress staff members’ grievances

    7. Reflection & Conclusion

    8. References

    Potential List of Transformational Leaders

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Dr. Martin Luther King
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Mother Mary Teresa
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Warren Buffet
  • Bill Gates
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Henry Ford
  • Jack Welch
  • Part Two

    PowerPoint/Video Narrative On Transformative Organization Leadership

    B). Develop 8-slide PowerPoint on the transformative leadership report OR develop a 8-minutes video presentation with images of this transformative organizational leadership report. Each picture/photo or image must have a corresponding voice narration to go with it. Limit each narrative slide to 30 seconds and a total of 10 slides.

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