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Moraine Valley Community College the New Collision Age Museum History Question

Moraine Valley Community College the New Collision Age Museum History Question

Question Description

NO PLAGIARISM. When you put the location of the museum make sure you put Chicago, Illinois. Also BEFORE STARTING YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW WHAT MUSEUM YOU WILL BE PICKING.

Identify your favorite type of museum. When we were able to visit museums, think about which ones you would visit and why. Think about what you would do if you could create your own museum from scratch, if money and staffing were no object. Then apply some of the principles we have learned about and write out the foundations of your ideal new museum.

  1. What is the name of your new institution?
  2. What type of museum is it? Why did you choose this type?
  3. What town/city would you locate your new museum?
    1. Why would this be a good location?
    2. Are there any other similar museums/attractions nearby this location?
  4. How large would your museum be?
    1. How many objects/specimens in your collection?
    2. How many visitors do you welcome each year?
    3. How many staff do you think it would it take to run an institution of that size?
  5. What is the mission statement? (Write out a new mission statement that will lead your organization.)
  6. What is the vision statement? (Think ahead – what will your organization strive to be in 5-10 years?)
  7. What is the scope of your collection? (What do you collect and why? This should be a paragraph that defines the collection, and specifies if the collection is focused by any geographic region, culture, time period, species/taxonomy, material types, etc. This depends a lot on the type of museum you are building.)

  8. What are three exhibits/displays your institution would have? (List the titles and describe them each in a few sentences.)
  9. What are three education programs/initiatives your museum would have? Describe them.

I will note, that this is a very personalized assignment, but it should make sense (You wouldn’t have 2 staff members and expect to welcome 450,000 visitors per year. You wouldn’t be located in a very small, remote town and expect to have 150 staff members. Make sure it is logical). Also, no one should have too many similarities with another student because of the sheer variety of choices you have to make. Be sure your assignment is original work. I do suggest looking up various museums for real world ideas, but be sure you are putting things into your own words and thoughts. If you used any real museums as inspiration, please list the direct link(s) at the bottom of your post.

A students example of his assignment is this:

A. Islamic Art Gallery of Chicago

B. The Islamic Art Gallery of Chicago is an art museum that displays the visual arts created in the Islamic world, such as paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, and textiles made by both well-known and lesser-known artists. As a follower of Islam, I believe it is essential to dedicate an entire institution to educate the public regarding the values that Muslims – those who practice Islam – possess. Also, in America, specifically, immigrants and children of immigrants from Muslim countries make up a significant portion of the population, but their histories and cultures are given minimal space (if any) in standard American education curriculums. An Islamic art museum would bring some of that knowledge to the public and allow people to learn more about a diverse area of art relevant to the communities that they would not have heard otherwise.

C. The Islamic Art Gallery of Chicago would be located in Chicago, Illinois.

    1. This would be a great location because Chicago is one of the most populated and diverse cities in the United States. Also, it is known for its tourism and is very well-known to other states and countries around the world.
    1. There are several art museums in the Chicagoland area that display Islamic art; however, there are no institutions that directly promote Islamic art. On the other hand, there are many Islamic art museums located outside of the United States in Qatar, Egypt, and Turkey – three Muslim-majority countries, for example.

D. The Islamic Art Gallery of Chicago would be a fairly large institution.

    1. There will be approximately 5,000 – 7,000 unique works of art in the collection.
    1. This institution would warmly welcome approximately one million visitors each year.
    1. Because this institution is on the larger side, approximately 250 staff across 20 departments are needed to carry out various roles (i.e. director, curator, registrar, educator, researcher, designer, etc.)

E. Mission Statement: The Islamic Art Gallery of Chicago strives to serve as an informational institution that educates individuals of various religious backgrounds on the beliefs, morals, and values of Muslims – a religious group that is a minority in America – through its captivating exhibits and educational programs.

F. Vision Statement: The Islamic Art Gallery of Chicago aspires to be a large, well-known art museum in the Chicagoland area. The institution will heavily focus on Islamic history and Muslim culture through paintings, calligraphy, textiles, etc. By visiting the captivating exhibits and participating in the educational programs, the museum will enlighten the public regarding both culture and religion of an important minority group.

G. The collection will encompass a variety of paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, and textiles that display Islamic art from over 1400 years because Islamic art is represented through the visual arts. Calligraphy, in particular, is held with the highest regard because the Quran, the book of Islam, was revealed to Prophet Muhammed in the Arabic language. With that being said, many calligraphic pieces will be displayed in the collection. Furthermore, all pieces within the collection will come from different countries around the world, such as Syria, Uzbekistan, Spain, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, and Qatar. It is imperative to construct a museum that displays a diverse collection to the public as art from one country to the next may look different in appearance.

H. Exhibits/Displays:

  1. The Arabic Calligraphy Exhibit: This exhibit will incorporate a variety of calligraphic pieces from all over the world and will allow individuals to analyze the intricate details within each piece. Also, it will bring to light the importance of this form of art in Islamic culture as calligraphy was used to write the Quran.
  1. The Painter’s Eye Exhibit: This exhibit presents the paintings of both well-known and lesser-known artists and grasps one’s attention in order for one to see through the painter’s eye. All displayed paintings will capture the beautiful language of Arabic or breathtaking Islamic architecture found all around the world (i.e. Alhambra, Blue Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, etc.)
  1. The Ceramics Display: This display presents Islamic ceramic décor from countries all around the world. The ceramic pieces are composed of the Arabic language, geometric figures, and unique patterns. In addition, they are appreciated in Islam for their pleasing appearance and affordability.

I. Educational Programs:

  1. Arabic Calligraphy 101: This program is great for those who are interested in learning calligraphy as professionals will teach the basic skills to master this form of art. This program will start at a beginner’s level and will gradually move up, teaching one the importance of hand-eye coordination when creating intricate calligraphy.
  1. Guess That Mosque: This program is wonderful for younger children who are beginning to learn and familiarize themselves with Islam and its culture. Paintings of famous mosques will be displayed around the room and the individual that gets the most right will be gifted a prize. This program aims to teach a younger audience that Islam is both a relevant and prevalent religion in all parts of the world.

  1. The World of Ceramics: This program is great for those who have a special and deep interest in how ceramic pieces are made. Professionals will show each step of the process and will decorate each piece with Arabic, geometric figures, and unique patterns to show how much effort artists put into making such meaningful pieces.

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