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Moorpark College Significant Economic Event in the US Discussion

Moorpark College Significant Economic Event in the US Discussion

Question Description

American Government and Economics: Current Event Paper


To better understand the complexities of American Government and American Economy and their impact on society, you will research, read and annotate a detailed current and important news event about the American Government (first semester) or the American Economy (second semester).

Current Event Paper:

You will first research a current event topic related to American Government (first semester) or the American Economy (second semester).

Next, you choose at least one detailed news article about a specific event, read and annotate the article by either underlining or highlighting and writing notes in the margins. IMPORTANT: You should be able to discuss your reasons for why you chose your news event.

Once you develop an understanding about your news event, you will write a paper describing in detail what you have learned about the event, it’s impact on society and how it relates to the American Government (first semester) or the American Economy (second semester).

  • You will complete TWO papers EACH semester
  • You will choose ONE of your papers to present EACH semester.

I. Paper Format – Your paper should be a minimum of five paragraphs in length and 12-point font and single-spaced. Paragraphs should have topic sentences and supporting information.

1. Introductory Paragraph – Background and Summary: In your own words and not using first person, type an introductory paragraph, which summarizes the article in six to eight sentences.

  • Include the article’s title, the author(s), the source (e.g., NY Times) and date published.
  • Provide background information by discussing the appropriate “5 w’s” (who?, what?, when?, where? and why?)in your introductory paragraph .
  • Define key terms to give the necessary context for the news event.

2. Body Paragraphs – Importance and Societal Impact: Type a minimum of three paragraphs. explain how the event impacts the U.S. society.

  • You are to use evidence such as quotes and statistics from the article.
  • Do not use first person.

3. Concluding Paragraph – Reflection and Evaluation: Your six to eight sentence concluding paragraph is where you should evaluate the causes and effects of the current news event and their importance.

  • Think about and write about what you want your reader to remember that is most important about your current event.

News Articles and Sources:

Your news article must be current and detailed about a significant American Government or American Economic related event. You should discuss the how current event impacts our community, country and/or the world in at least two of the following three ways:

  1. Political Impact: the impact that a government decision/action has on people or something (e.g., the environment).
  1. Socially Impact: the impact of an activity on society and the how people live their lives
  1. Economic Impact: a financial impact that something, often something new, has on a situation or person.
  • Quality news sources include, but are not limited to:, The LA Times, The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsela, The Washington Post and The Economist.
  • “Headline/Summary News” sources are not acceptable sources, these include, but are not limited to:, BuzzFeed, Yahoo news, which lack the necessary details that will allow you to write a quality paper.

Current Event Questions.

To help you be both informative and interesting, answer the following questions for yourself (you will not turn your responses in) as you write and present your current event.

  1. Is your current event topic more of a political, economic and/or social issue, explain (it can be all three)?
  1. Of all the important current events, why did you choose this current event, be specific?
  1. What is the most important idea you learned and will share with others about your topic and why?
  1. How has your thinking changed about the topic, explain?
  1. What important questions or issues are raised by this article?
  1. How does the author use word or evidence based bias, explain?

Grading/Points: See this and the next page for grade rubric and category points.

NEWS ARTICLE & PAPER RUBRIC (40 Possible Points)



10 possible points


8 possible points

Needs work

6 possible points

Importance of Event:

Clearly communicates understanding of the main points of the article and includes supporting information.

Communicates some understanding of the main points or with limited supporting information.

Communcates little understanding of the main points of the article.

Background Information and Key Terms:

Necessary background information is provided. Unfamiliar, essential and/or difficult terms are chosen and defined.

Only some background information is provided and/or unfamiliar, essential and/or difficult terms are chosen and defined.

No background information is provided and very few or no terms are defined.

News Source and Annotations:

Paper provides News Article’s:

1-title, 2-author(s) 3-source, 4-publication date, and 5-attaches the annotated article.

Only some of the five are provided.

One or less of the five listed are missing.


All statements are in students’ own words and does not use first person.

Sentences are too similar to one in the original article.

Many sentences are very similar to ones in the original article.

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