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managerial economics APA

managerial economics APA

CLO #1 – Describe how goals, constraints, incentives, and market rivalry affect economic decisions.

CLO #2 – Analyze demand, supply, equilibrium prices, and price elasticities as a quantitative tool to forecast changes in revenues.

Using the graph below, develop a 2- to 4-page response in APA format using the following four-question prompt: 

Question 1

What is the maximum amount you would pay for an asset that generates an income of $250,000 at the end of each of five years if the opportunity cost of using funds is 8 percent?

Question 2

Suppose the supply function for product X is given by Qxs = ?30 + 2Px ? 4Pz. (LO1)

  • How much of product X is produced when Px = $600 and Pz = $60?
  • How much of product X is produced when Px = $80 and Pz = $60?
  • Suppose Pz = $60. Determine the supply function and inverse supply function for good X. Graph the inverse supply function.

Question 3

Suppose the own price elasticity of demand for good X is ?5, its income elasticity is ?1, its advertising elasticity is 4, and the cross-price elasticity of demand between it and good Y is 3. 

Determine how much the consumption of this good will change if: 

  • The price of good X decreases by 6 percent.
  • The price of good Y increases by 7 percent.
  • Advertising decreases by 2 percent.
  • Income increases by 3 percent.

Question 4 

  • A consumer is in equilibrium at point A in the accompanying figure. The price of good X is $5. 
  • What is the price of good Y?
  • What is the consumer’s income?
  • At point A, how many units of good X does the consumer purchase?
  • Suppose the budget line changes so that the consumer achieves a new equilibrium at point B. What change in the economic environment led to this new equilibrium? Is the consumer better off or worse off as a result of the price change?

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