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IT 216 Northern Virginia Community College System Analysis and Design Paper

IT 216 Northern Virginia Community College System Analysis and Design Paper

Question Description

Project Report – Phase 1IT216 – System Analysis and DesignDue date: February 26thInstructions: upload your pdf and annexes in Blackboard (in the discussion forum of your group)1) Form a group of 5 students, post the group information in the discussion forum if you have not done that yet2) Select a topic of your choice to work on your project. Examples of topics include, but are not limited to: e-commerceweb application, online platform for education, airline services, etc. The project involves the design and the analysisof a system. We will focus on specification and design rather than a fully functional implementation.3) Based on the topic you selected for your project and the course materials, complete the project report following thestructure described below. The report will be evaluated according to the quality of the contents, considering bothcompleteness and correctness. The project contents are based on course materials. Illustrative examples are providedin the course book. If you have questions or comments, please contact the TA or the instructor.4) After completing your report, upload the pdf document online in Blackboard. Do not forget to add the project title,the name of each student in your group, and the answers to the questions defined in the project structure (aspresented below). Use graphs, tables, diagrams, models, figures and external references whenever needed toillustrate your work.Report StructurePart 1: Defining your problem [45 points]1) Describe the domain and the scope of your project [10 points]a. Examples of Domains: data warehouse, e-commerce application, learning platform, telemedicine services,etc.b. Examples of Scopes: online retailer, mobile application, physical store, hospital, university, etc.2) Describe the problems you would like to address in your project (up to five), and why (your motivations and rationaleto select those problems). State your goals, specific aims, and purpose (general examples: to support a given activity,to improve a metric, to automate a set of services). [25 points]a. Examples of Problems: the sales decreased in 10%, the purchase takes too long to be completed, thedelivery dates are often delayed, etc. What are the metrics you use to identify those problems? Provideillustrative examples.b. Examples of Motivations: to increase profitability, to improve customer satisfaction, etc.c. Examples of Goals: improve customer services, increase sales, shorten the shipping period, etc.d. Specific aims: provide concrete examples of how you plan to reach your goals (what activities and tasksare necessary? why are they necessary?)3) Formalize the definition of the problems you plan to work on (provide three to five examples). Use tables to definethe problems, including a brief description of: statement, issues, objectives, and requirements. [10 points]Part 2: Defining your solution [45 points]1) Define the concepts involved in your solution:a. Who are the stakeholders involved (personnel, staff members, employees, etc.)? What are their main roles,relationships, and set of activities performed?b. What are the components involved in your system (e.g. reports, machines, documents, processes)? Providea general description, list and define each item, use a context-level data flow diagram and level 0 to modelthese components. Include also their relationships (input and output data from each component).c. List at least 10 use case scenarios to exemplify how a given user can interact with the system you areproposing in your project (i.e. what are the features and functionalities available in your project for specificactors). Use a table to specify the use case scenarios.d. Define a workload table to compare how your proposed solution improves the current practicese. Describe a set of requirements for hardware, software and personnel (at least three for each) needed toimplement your solution. Justify your choices.Part 3 Preliminary Analysis of your solution [10 points]1) Critically analyze the solution proposed:a. What are potential risks involved in the implementation of your project? Use a Fishbone diagram to provideexamples of potential risks. Include at least three different factors (e.g.: quality, time, costs, etc.) and twoexamples for each factor (e.g.: the performance is too slow, the time for completion of each activity isunderestimated, the budget for programmers is insufficient).

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