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Irvine Valley College Police Brutality Towards People of Color Annotated Bibliography

Irvine Valley College Police Brutality Towards People of Color Annotated Bibliography

Question Description

Annotated Bibliography

If you’ve never written an annotated bibliography before, please don’t be afraid. =) Ideally, this will make the organizing of your speech really easy. If you’ve done your research, organized your information, and have a basic understanding of your topic, you should be able to organize a speech in less than an hour. This assignment will help reduce that time by half. =)

This portion of your Persuasive Speech is worth 5 points. Your second research assignment is also worth 5 points. There are no do-overs for this assignment, so please be sure to ask for clarification if you need it. =)


For your research, you may use just about anything you’d like. However, I do have some restrictions: all research must be credible, primary sources, and published within the last two years. I will not have you format and upload files to this assignment; instead, you will create a Google Drive document with annotated bibliographies with links to your sources and submit the URL to your document.

I will use your writing to determine (along with the source links) whether your sources are credible and can be used in your speech. Please do not waste your time trying to use secondary sources, opinion blogs/vlogs, non-news programming, etc. Also make sure that the information you are using is not offensive.

Each annotated bibliography must be between 150 and 300 words. No more and no less. You may not copy and paste anything from the source to use in the bibliography; all writing must be your original work.

Submitting the Assignment

To submit your assignment, please go to your Google Drive and create a new document. You do not need to do any special formatting. I can read the documents just fine. =)

Put all of your annotated bibliographies and links to your sources in one document. Please do not create a separate document for each source. You do not need to give it any special label or title, but I would come up with a format you can use to organize all your coursework. If this was my document, I’d label it “Persuasive Speech Research Assignment #1.”

If you have pulled your information from ProQuest, there will be a link at the top of the document you download. If you used a website, then use their link. If you used a document or a file that does not have a link, then you will have to create a document in Google Drive, properly label it with the information, and then use that document’s link for the assignment. Google Inception!

Under no circumstances should you copy and paste anything from the research onto the document you submit. Please do not copy and paste anything (except links) onto this assignment.


Here is an example of what I’m looking for:

This article discusses how felons who have been trained in Calif prisons to fight fires are unable to do so after release. They are restricted because of regulations needed to pass certification. EMT certification is needed to become a firefighter, so even if a felon has been trained and fought alongside California firefighters, they are little more than prison labor. Inmates are trained with the firefighters, but they only make $2-5 a day, plus $1 and hour for every hour they are fighting fires. In California, there are 2600 inmates trained to fight fires.

This is problematic because re-entry into society is hard (never mind we need firefighters), and when inmates are released on parole, they are ineligible to join departements. Even though legislation has been written to modify existing policies, firefighter’s associations have pushed back.

One of the other issues that has come up is citizens complaining that inmates could rob them when they enter their homes to fight fires. EMT certification bans exist because of the mentality that a convicted felon has no ability to reform.

Cut Inmate Firefighters a Break, Nov 2019 LA Times????????

The way this is set up now, I have a summary of my source with both problems and causes outlined, the name of the source, and the date all in a neat package. When it comes time to organize my speech, all I have to do is glance over my bibliographies and choose the source that fits the best! I created a video to help my high school students organize their speeches and notecards (????????). You are under no obligation to watch this, but I have received many comments that it has helped students. =)


  1. Use the Library’s database.
    1. I use ProQuest as it’s the easiest to download and they include a link to the article at the top of the document. =)
    2. Search for Newspapers and Magazines first.
    3. If you still need more research, look at Journals. Ask me if you need help translating the difficult language some of them have.
  2. I made a video for my Comm 1 class showing them how to research, download, and upload files (????????).
    1. You will not upload files to this assignment.
    2. There are probably things in this video that do not pertain to this class. Please ignore them.
    3. Only use this video to help you use the Library’s database. =)
  3. As always, reach out to me if you need to. I’d LOVE to help you organize your speech! =)

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