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HSCO 500 Liberty University Human Services Discussion Replies

HSCO 500 Liberty University Human Services Discussion Replies

Question Description

Each reply must be at least 150 words and meaningfully expand the discussion.

Posted by Ca

Module 1 Discussion Board 1

Human Services is much needed in our world today. The Human Services profession is needed because there are so many people in our society today that need help with certain areas in their life. “The human services field can include a variety of job titles, including caseworker, program coordinator, outreach counselor, crisis counselor, and victim advocate” (Martin, 2018). It provides a way to receive food, assistance on their electric bills, or a protection service if an adult or child is being abused in the home. The profession also provides services for people that have endured a crisis situation that may have been traumatic to them. As opposed to welfare services, human services provide aid until the person can help themselves.

One career that I may pursue would be a Grief Services Counselor. The reason I am thinking of that career choice is because I have lost both of my parents to cancer. The purpose of a Grief Services Counselor is to help families that have just recently lost a loved one and to help them through the grieving process. Another career that I may pursue is Juvenile detention/youth counselor. The purpose of a Juvenile/youth counselor is a person who guides and directs the juvenile to resources that can help them become a better citizen. With this career, I believe I can make an impact in juvenile’s life.

I believe that the most historical event in the human services profession was Jane Addams and the Settlement House Movement: 1889-1929. The Settlement House Movement was the beginning of creating what is called protective shelters today. Protective shelters provide people protection from potential abuse that they may be getting at home and also provides shelter for those that are homeless. I liked how Addams wanted to take care of people that were at the poverty level and lived in poor conditions. “Addams and her colleagues were committed to viewing the poor as equal members of society, just as worthy of respect and dignity as anyone else” (Martin, 2018).


Martin, E. M. (2018) Introduction To Human Services Through the Eyes of Practice Settings (4th ed.) Pearson Education Cooperation

Posted by Ch

Why Human Services?

Human Services is broad and is at the front of the line when it comes to meeting human basic needs as people can become debilitated by hardships, catastrophes, and helplessness. Human services cover every aspect of one’s life from hunger, housing, jobs, treatment, preventions, safety, and council. Human Services prepares professionals to stand up in “changing laws, improving service delivery and the quality of those services”. (Martin, 2018 pg. 3). There is a huge growing demand in community sectors especially in today’s world for Human Services. It is a never-ending process of constant change to meet the demands of people and their survival as independent citizens. Even though Human Services does not require a license, as other fields require Martin (2018) states that, “human service practitioners are the tools” that fills the gaps of those who are licensed.

In the pursuance of careers, my life choice has been Addiction and Recovery. To assist in this area will allow for me to be a preventative measure and an assistant. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to understand people and why they do what they do, even myself. Now that I have the education behind my own background, I feel that I am almost equipped enough to assist and advocate, possibly even reform in this area. I may even decide to participate in crisis intervention. We all have been in a crisis in some point in our lives whether big or small. It feels like big ones are knocking on our back door and I want to be prepared to help in any way I can. Were ever GOD leads me is what I will do.

Part 2: The Most important event in the history of the human services profession and why?

All of the programs created in history was designed and meant for good causes. Not all people that adopted the programs used them as they were initially intended. I have a saying that I stand by in these cases which reads ‘The road to hell was paved with good intentions. However, The New Deal and Great Society Programs is to me the most important in history as we are facing another time never experienced with COVID-19 the same as in 1929 somewhat like the great stock market crash. “large segments of the population have lost jobs, all forms of income” (Martin, 2018, pg. 28): housing, utilities, and connections to others, are all under threat. Social reformers will once again be able to push at the President to engage in new ideas to stimulate the economy and assist all the people who are going to suffer. The world will change as we know it. This era was great because it put instant relief in the homes, businesses, and communities of many Americans. As a matter of fact, “President Roosevelt created 15 federal programs as part of the New Deal” (Martin, 2018, pg. 29). That deal stabilized the economy and once again something like this will pull the economy back together in our near future.


Martin, M. E. (2018). Introduction to human services: Through the eyes of practice settings (4th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson

Posted by Lin

Discussion Board Forum 1

Human services is an incredibly broad field that is often hard to pinpoint due to the various roles people within the profession can play. Gaps are filled by human services that are left out by other professions that have either become highly administrative, require licensure or are less directly involved with individuals (Martin, 2018). The field of human services focuses on “transactional exchanges between individuals and their social environment,” (Martin, 2018 p. 12), emphasizes physical and emotional health rather than just mental and also uses a strengths based approach rather than solely focusing on the problems (Martin, 2018). These are some of the ways human services can differ from other fields. Human services are incredibly important because service providers partner with people in difficult situations to empower them to become self-sufficient and overcome barriers of meeting basic needs in order to achieve optimal functioning.

I am currently in the human services field as a missionary in Botswana through our Urban Rhythm Youth Center. In my role, I wear many different hats that could be given various titles. In my experience, people in human services fields often have to play a variety of roles due to the needs of the population and inadequate resources or enough skilled personnel to meet those needs. For five years I was also a house parent with my spouse in both level one residential group homes and level two mental health group homes. While not easy, I have found human services to be incredibly fulfilling. If I were to consider another career option in the future if we ever return to America, I would enjoy being a Grief Services Counselor or Lay Church Counselor although I often find myself in those roles in my current occupation as well.

In regards to the most important historical event impacting human services discussed in our textbook reading, I find Addams’ opening of the Hull House and concept of addressing poverty through social and economic reform at the neighborhood level to be very significant (Martin, 2018). Her approach caused a shift in thinking that created a relational model of poverty alleviation that considered outside influences’ impact upon poverty rather than assuming poverty was simply due to moral deficiency or idleness. Removing the typical viewpoint and practice of the worthy poor and unworthy poor impacted the foundation of future social responses. Addams’ attempted to de-stigmatize poverty and look for new solutions to meet individuals’ needs rather than judgment. Addams’ different approach to human services also connected her to other significant influencers such as Ida B. Wells. Together, they made a great impact through social justice advocacy that reached across typical man-made barriers of discrimination and prejudice.


Martin, M. E. (2018). Introduction to human services: Through the eyes of practice settings (4th

ed.). New York, NY: Pearson

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