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HLS 571 Trident University How Might the US Respond to Cyber Attacks Response

HLS 571 Trident University How Might the US Respond to Cyber Attacks Response

Question Description

Discussion Requirements

A substantive comment should be approximately 300 words or more for the response.

Read the initial comments posted by your classmates and reflect upon them.

Before writing your comments:

  • Review the Discussion grading rubric to see what is expected for an excellent discussion, in order to earn full credit.
  • Review some resources to help you synthesize, such as the following:

Sullivan, J. (2011). Strategies for Synthesis Writing. Retrieved from

NOTE: You are required to cite sources and include a reference list for the second post if it is simply your opinion. However, if your opinion is based on facts (as it should be), it is good practice to strengthen your position by citing sources.

Be sure to meet all of the criteria in the rubric, as noted in the instructions above.

Third post for each module discussion:

Read the initial and secondary comments posted by your classmates and reflect upon them.

Directly respond to at least one classmate in a way that extends meaningful discussions, adds new information, and/or offers alternative perspectives.


Classmates and Professor,

Considering a cyber-attack that was traced to another state-sponsored group, what actions should be taken?

Cyber-attacks are common in the complicated technological world, According to the article, by Mark Pomerleau 2015, the cyber world is still in its “Wild West” stages, hence, there exists an urgent need for precautionary measures to be taken in cyberspace to prevent vulnerability to cyber-attacks and at the same time respond to cyber-attack threats (Bakjhi, 2013). With the rise of state-sponsored cyber-attacks, the US needs to have a strong policy against such practices to help reduce the frequency or possibility of an attack. Therefore, considering the threat of cyber-attacks on the security of US citizens and the globe at large there exists an urgent need to respond to cyber-attacks with swiftness and stern measures as possible (Surfwatch, 2021).

Considering cyber-attacks are criminal offenses in the cyber world, cyber-attacks orchestrated and funded by state-sponsored groups are categorized under acts of war, and efforts to mitigate these kinds of threats go beyond cybersecurity defense upgrade of systems (Barnatt, 2017). The US responds to such aspects as acts of war, and as an aspect that jeopardizes the US national security, hence, several precautionary steps are taken to respond to cyber-attacks. Initially, considering that these activities happen in cyberspace, the US is limited to the use of policy and investigative actions against these threats, hence, cyber attackers are indicted and brought to justice by US investigative agencies (Bissell, 2019). They use the suspects to gain information on the level of breach against their cyber systems and if found guilty are subjected to trials including being charged with war crimes.

Finally, the US military cybersecurity team considers a cyber-attack from state-sponsored groups as an act of force against the US systems, hence the need for the response to be swift and in line with war rules and regulations. In this case, the US military can respond to cyber-attacks with sanctions against the state involved, criminal trials for those involved (Pomerleau, 2015, PR 30). For instance, in the incident of the Sony hack in 2013 where North Korea was responsible for the attack, the US reached out to other nations with similar problems and improved their cybersecurity systems while implementing sanctions on North Korea in response to the cyber-attack (U.S. Government Publishing Office, 2015).



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Classmates and Professor,

Due to the complexity of cyber networks, it is often very difficult to figure out who exactly conducted an attack. “In cyber incidents… attribution can be the most difficult component, in part because cyberspace allows for a great deal of anonymity and attacks can be routed through servers all over the globe to mask its origins” (Pomerleau, 2015). The first step during or after an attack is to share information with other government agencies to see if anyone else has supplemental information and to ensure that everyone knows what is going on. The second step is to put the pieces of the puzzle together to accurately identify who generated the attack and the location in which it came from.

Before diving into what actions should be taken when an attack has been attributed to a state-sponsored group, one must first understand who is involved. The United States (U.S.) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a role to secure the homeland – this includes securing the homeland against cyber wars (Anderson, p. 108). The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has a role to defend the homeland – this includes cyberwar defense (Anderson, p. 110). Although these two organizations conduct vastly different operations, some responsibilities tend to overlap in the realm of cyber-attacks – and they work with local/state governments of impacted locations. Due to the attack coming from a state-sponsored group, the U.S. will investigate – this would lead to using law enforcement resources, DHS and DOD resources, and prosecution of attackers (Pomerleau, 2015).



Anderson, L. R. (n.d.). Countering State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks: Who Should Lead? United States Army.

Pomerleau, M. (2015, June 10). How might the US respond to cyber attacks? Defense Systems.

Pomerleau, M. (2015, September 30). Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the ‘Wild West’. Defense Systems.

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