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Harvard University Career Aspirations of an International Student Essay

Harvard University Career Aspirations of an International Student Essay

Question Description

i did an interview with my partner and now i need an essay, i will provide a transcript of the interview … NO CITATION NO SOURCES NO NOTHING. Here is an example of how in want it:

It should be 2-3 pages double space.


Project #1 Essay Rubric

The author wrote an essay that meets the assignment criteria in terms of subject matter and genre. It is on topic and is appropriate for the assignment.


The author incorporated multiple quotes in an effort to capture the interviewee’s voice and create depth in their profile.


The essay is carefully proofread and edited.


The essay met the length requirement.


The author crafted a compelling and appropriate title for the essay.




The transcript:

Mike: Hello, how are you doing?

Rashed: good good how are you?

Mike: I’m good. So, I am Mike and today I would like to conduct an interview with you, it is going to be 30 minutes interview so I hope you have the time for that.

Rashed: Yeah, for sure.

Mike: So, I will start first with what is your name and where are you from?

Rashed: So, I am Rashed. I am from UAE I am actually from the capital Abu Dhabi. Actually, I can consider myself, not from Abu Dhabi, because I live in a village nearby, which is called Aluyaynah.

Mike: hmm

Rashed: Yep.

Mike: So, how far is it from Abu Dhabi?

Rashed: It’s not that far, it’s almost like maybe 20 minutes, 20, to 25 minutes.

Mike: And how is it living in a small village?

Rashed: Actually, I like it because you know it’s small village, and it is quite. It is not crowded or something like that. And you can get whatever you want within five minutes or maybe less than five minutes because everything is nearby. Not as same as the Abu Dhabi city. The Abu Dhabi city you know it’s big and crowded. So, if you want something, you will spend at least like 15 minutes to get that thing even if you want to something from the supermarket.

Mike: Oh. So, the second question is going to be, what is your major? and in what year are you in right now?

Rashed: Yeah, I’m cyber security student. Actually, this is the last year for me, so I am a senior right now. And I hope to graduate, as soon as possible.

Mike: Congrats.

Rashed: Thank you.

Mike: So, what made you choose that major?

Rashed: In fact, there are a lot of things that made me choose this major. First of all, you know, cybersecurity is a new major, and it’s not, like UAE there’s no University that teach this this major as a bachelor’s degree. They teach it for like master or PhD but not for a bachelor’s degree. So, and one of the most things that made me choose this major is when I was young I was playing with the computers and doing some stuff like programming and these stuff. So, I thought that if I am studying a major as a cybersecurity. It would be great for me because I have the ability to be to do these things. So, I chose it. And one more thing that my father actually is a computer science major. And he wants one of his children to become as same as him. So, yeah, I chose to study this major for two main reasons one of them, as I said, my father, and the other one, because I think I do have the ability to do programming things.

Mike: Do you think, like in the future, you would like to do a higher education degree, like a master in computer related to major?

Rashed: Yeah, to be honest. I am planning like to get two masters. In fact, the first one in like computer science to get like general idea about computer, and like that, how they made, how they made it. And the other one is management.

Mike: hmm

Rashed: Yes. So, you know, in UAE. It’s hard to get a good job because there are a lot of professional there. So, when I get like a bachelor’s degree on cybersecurity and master’s degree in management. That would make it easier for me to get the position that I want.

Mike: So, you are not thinking of having a job after the Bachelor.

Rashed: Of course I am thinking to get a job like maybe a government job because like for like, 10 years to make myself, get more experience, get the knowledge, and learn from all people, learn from the people who was before me on this field. So, I should interact with these people or connect with them and learn from them. So, yes, I’m planning to get a job for 10 years, and until I get experience, money, so that I can leave and start my own business.

Mike: I like that idea of getting an experience before starting a business

Rashed: Yeah,, I think this is the most important thing for anyone who want to be a good man in the future.

Mike: So, since your senior student, I think you are now taking your project class.

Rashed: Yes, I do.

Mike: And what do you have for your project.?

Rashed: Actually my project. As you know it’s a senior year, and I do have a project to do to graduate. It’s not that easy to do it, And it’s not that hard at the same time. Just I have to focus on one thing and do my best. So, I will tell you something. My project is, I decided to do this project because it’s combined two things which is modern technology and security. So, I am trying to combine these two by creating or, though, a software called face detection. So basically this project, It requires a lot of apps, a lot of codes. So I have to work hard to get all of them. Some of these codes I can’t right them alone, I have to, to contact with the experts to do this project because, it’s have two things. It has two things which is security and technology. So it’s not that easy. The idea from that project is to create a program that collects faces, or register the faces on the database. So they should appear on the camera, and we take a screenshot or, or we take a picture of them, and register the picture with their names on the database. So, whenever they came in front of the camera. The camera will realize them, and will realize them and show their information. So, we can use these cameras, like, we can give it to police officers, or we put it on the buildings. So whenever like the criminal that we are looking for appears on that camera, the camera will detect him and show his information so that the police can arrest them. However, this program, as I said, it requires a lot of codes. So I asked my father and my colleagues here to, to help me with this project, because some code that I have never heard about, or learned about. So, they do have the experience to do these codes. So, I am in, I can say that I am in the middle of the project, maybe, like maybe a few weeks to finish it. And hopefully it works as I imagined.

Mike: So, are you going, like, after you finish your project, are you going to do a presentation or like show it to your professor or what?

Rashed: oh yeah sure. Actually, in our course, which is called project two, one of the requirements, when you finish the course, oh sorry, when you finish the project, you should present it. Since we are in a pandemic right now and with this COVID, and these stuff. We can’t do it on class. So, what we have to do is we have to do a YouTube video. on that YouTube video we should present our project, how did we create it, what codes were required, what tangibles things that you used. So, you should like tell all the details that made you create this project. So, I will have to give like some PowerPoint slides that contains the, the idea, how it came to my mind, what made me choose this project, and give some code that was included in the project, as well as I have to show them the uses of this project, who can use it, and where can we use it. And I should like do a test in front of the camera to show how the program will work. So I have to contact with some volunteers to test this project because, as I said, it’s a project that we should register people on the database. Then when the when they appear on that camera. They will be recognized. You may be will be one of the volunteers. Hahaha.

Mike: hahaha, So, did you face any challenges during your stay in the US?

Rashed: in fact, yes. As you know, like, leaving to another country that is different from your culture. It’s hard because you will face new things that you have never heard about or seen. So, yeah, I faced some challenges like, when I came here, I thought that it would be easy to get out of the airport. But I didn’t prepare for that because, I do have the visa, but they require for the international students, something called I-20. And this i-20, actually, it was with me, but I didn’t sign it. So, they almost will kick me from the airport and ask me to return back to my country because I didn’t sign this paper. So I did sign it in the airport and everything went smoothly. But this consider one of the small challenges here. The big challenge that I faced, the language. Yeah, when I came here and it’s, you know, my mother language is Arabic and in the, in the United States they speak English. So my English background wasn’t that enough. It was, I was speaking like a little bit of English. I just knew some words some vocabularies. It was hard for me to get like my necessaries. I can’t go to restaurants, I couldn’t go to the barber to get a haircut or something like that. I couldn’t even travel or visit some places, because I don’t know how to ask the taxi or the buses to, to make me go there. So, one time I wanted to buy clothes. So, I don’t know where I can get them. So, I, I went to some of the malls here in the United States, and it was difficult for me to ask, ask about my size, and these things. So I spent like almost five hours to buy only two shirts and two jeans.

Mike: That’s difficult, and I can relate to some of these difficulties, because I, as well, an international student. So, my other question is, how do you pay for school do you work or what?

Rashed: In fact, no. I, I was, I was working for a company in UAE. This company pick the good students from high schools. So, they do some exams, do some tests, and so they can see who’s the best students. So, since I live in a village, and on my school. There were not a lot of people they wanted to study abroad. So, when they came there were only five students who wanted, who wanted to study abroad, and I was one of them. So, they did some tests, and I succeed, I succeed in this test and they picked four of us. Yeah, so they asked us to come here and study. When we finish and graduate. We should like work for them at least four years. Because they will pay all the tuition for the school. Yeah

Mike: That sounds great. So, what is your plan after you graduate. So you told me you would work for the company that pays the tuition, but like, do you consider, like, leaving after the four years in the contract with them, or you will plan to work your entire life?

Rashed: As I say, we should, or we must work for them at least four years, because we spent here four years studying in the college. So, after, actually. I said to you before, I want to get experience, and this company, in fact, it has like a lot of good people, a lot of professionals in cybersecurity field, a lot of professional in programming field. So, I would work for them like for at least maybe 10 years. After that, I will start my own business by opening an Information security company that will like encrypt, or do security stuff for people. Yeah, I think this is my plan after graduating.

Mike: So, what do you consider your weaknesses and strengths?

Rashed: Actually, this is a hard question to answer, but…

Mike: You can have your time thinking about it.

Rashed: To be honest I think my strength is being an independent. Since I came here in the United States, far away from my family and I adapted with that, and I could live here like without any help from like my parents or brothers, sisters. So, yeah, I think this is one of my strengths to be alone, and independent. Maybe my weaknesses is being a shy person. So, yeah, that makes me, like, get alone or be alone, most of the time. Yes.

Mike: So, do you think, like, coming to the US, like helped you change some of your personality or gain strengths?

Rashed: Oh yes, for sure. When I came here, I became alone. As you know, my parents aren’t with me anymore, my friends, my old friends. They arem’t with me right now. So, I had to make new friends to go out with people to live. So, yes, this changed my personality. I was shy, and this made me open my mind a little bit and go with other people, as well as, you know, since I’m here alone, I have to make right decision. So, I have to open my eyes, see all the options that are available, and do research about them, and choose or pick the best one of them. Yeah, so I can say that I became much stronger since I came here.

Mike: So, this would bring us to my last question. It is different than the other question. So, are you, like, an indoor person or outdoor person?

Rashed: In fact, it depends. So, when I am in a place that is cold as same as here. It’s really cold, and we get snow most of the time, so I prefer to do indoor activities. Maybe, sometimes I will, I would do outdoor, but I prefer indoor. But when I, when, when I live in like in a place that has good weather such as maybe Florida anyplace in Florida or California. So, actually, I prefer to do outdoors. However, in general, I am I consider myself as outdoor person.

Mike: That was a great interview. Thank you for taking my questions.

Rashed: Yeah, for sure.

Mike: It was really interesting.

Rashed: it is my pleasure.

Mike: Thank you. It was really interesting hearing from you. Yeah, Thank you.

Rashed: Thank you, Mike, I appreciate.

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