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Grossmont College Case of Global Ethics versus Global Economy Discussion

Grossmont College Case of Global Ethics versus Global Economy Discussion

Question Description

This assignment can be found in Discussions. Please carefully read the Instructions found in Module – Hello, Read me First, How to Navigate this Course, Step 2.

You will be assigned to a Discussion Forum based on the first letter(s) of your last name. If you are unsure of your forum, please email with the title of the forum which you believe you have been assigned to.

Many students forget to proofread their work, forget to post a response or, forget to reference the Readings at least once. Please watch out for these details that may cause you to lose points.

Jury 1 A

55 unread replies.55 replies.

Case of Global Ethics vs. Global Economy

This is a case that will be tried in the court of Public Opinion.

Good Clothes Company, a United States corporation, buys clothing assembled by Beta, LTD., a foreign company that employs children under 12 years of age. These children work nine hour days and for low pay. Beta’s nation does not enforce its child labor laws limiting workdays to seven hours for children under 12. Many times the children’s income is needed by the family for basic necessities. Beta and Good Clothes are aware of this.

Human International Politics (HIP), an international political activist organization, discovered Good Clothes’ connection to Beta, LTD. HIP plans to reveal this information to the press and on social media. Good Clothes hears about this proposed action by HIP. Before HIP can act, Good Clothes terminates its relationship with Beta. Good Clothes then publicizes this action in its advertising. The company’s sales and profits increase, apparently as a direct result.

  1. Has Good Clothes acted unethically in any way(s)? Explain using one of the ethical philosophies from the text and facts from the scenario.
  2. From an ethical perspective, is Good Clothes’ conduct in terminating its relationship with Beta more important than whatever its motive might be? Why or why not? ..

How to Navigate this Course Step 2 – General Information and Grading Scale

Congratulations on making it this far. Here I will be Speaking Words of Wisdom.

This Module covers general information and the grading scale. I suggest you give it a nice read over to give you an idea as to the work in the course. The due dates for everything is in the Syllabus link. The directions may also be repeated for each individual assignment and quiz.

General Instructions

Each student is presumed to know how to navigate in a Canvas course container. If you do not, there are free tutorials on the College webpage that will bring you up to speed.

Additionally, each student is presumed to have consistent and reliable access to a computer that will be available for emails, course announcements, quizzes, assignments and discussion board forums. Please be careful when using a phone to complete an assignment or a quiz. If a call interrupts your work, Canvas will submit it and not allow you to continue. The quiz or assignment won’t be reset in this case. I strongly advise against trying to exclusively use your phone for this class.

All assignments will open in Canvas at least 6 calendar days prior to their due date. Check the syllabus for due dates. Many students miss the numerous notices in Canvas that quizzes and assignments at due at noon (12pm) and not midnight (12am).

No fancy fonts – Courier or Times New Roman are perfectly fine to read and look professional. Word is acceptable. NO GOOGLE DOCS. No pages. No wordpad.

There is a tutorial in your Canvas container that shows you step by step how to submit an assignment so it can be opened and graded. If I can’t open it after several tries using different programs and computers, then I will give you a -0- with a note that says “I can’t open this”. The assignment will stay a -0-.

Spelling and grammar are a part of every grade in this class. I trust that every student has a grasp of basic English grammar concepts and spelling. Spell Check and Grammar Check are only tools and they sometimes overlook errors. There is no substitute for good proof reading or asking for help. There is a free writing lab, Net tutor in Canvas for all students. Do not plagiarize as I use Turnitin. That software tool checks for plagiarism. It has a data bank that includes prior semesters’ work. Don’t use texting language on the discussion boards or assignments (examples of this includes OMG, BFF, etc.)

A paragraph usually consists of a minimum of 5 – 6 complete sentences. You say goodbye and I say hello

The Discussions section will have numerous forums opened throughout the course for student use; helping each other with assignments; asking questions of their peers; forming study groups; etc. These are monitored and participated in by the instructor(s) but are not graded. The Jury assignments are the only graded Canvas discussion forums.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. You may not reference, in any written work, any text except the required textbook and Additional Reaqdings. If another source is referenced, -0- points will be given for that reference.

Generally, late work is not accepted. If an exception is made due to a family or medical emergency, the instructor must be contacted as soon as possible. If the late work is accepted, it will generally receive an automatic 20% deduction for each 24 hours it is late.

Canvas handles the Assignments as if they are quizzes. These assignments are generally focused on videos. They are Assignments regardless of what Canvas labels them.

Whatever assignment is submitted through Canvas will be treated as your final draft and graded.

Sometimes a student will produce an excellent analysis in a written assignment. In that case, the student will be awarded a “Brownie Point” for a job well done. These are randomly awarded so please don’t ask for one.

Did you see that all work is due at Noon on Mondays and not Midnight? If submitted at 12:01 pm, it is late. If submitted at 12:00am Tuesday, it is late.

Grading Scale

I do not grade on percentages as shown in Canvas. The percentage grades are built into the grading scale .

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