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GOVT 2306 Collin County Community College The Plural Executive PPT

GOVT 2306 Collin County Community College The Plural Executive PPT

Question Description

Discussion 2: Political Science Fair Presentation – Group 2

From GOVT-2306.298

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Here are more details:

PowerPoint Presentation, 18 points: You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation on your assigned position in the plural executive between 5 and 10 slides long, plus an additional slide for your works cited. Should you choose to do your presentation on a person other than the one assigned to you, you will receive a deduction of 10 points from your presentation grade.

You must research your assigned plural executive to tell us:

  1. What position is this presentation over?
  2. What are the constitutional and legal requirements to run for this office?
  3. What is the term length of this position and are there any term limits?
  4. What bureaucratic (agencies) departments does this position oversee?
  5. What was unique or significant about this position? Explain.
  6. Have there been any scandals surrounding this position you think your classmates would find interesting?
  7. Who currently holds this position (be sure to discuss the person, when elected, education, when is up for re-election and anything the person has done while holding office that you think your fellow classmates should know).

Note: Your presentation will be graded for completeness and accuracy in answering the above questions, as well as how the information is presented. Please make sure your color scheme is easy to read, that your key points stand out, and that you keep your audience (your fellow classmates) engaged. You must post your presentation to Canvas by Wednesday at 11:59. You may post your presentations as a PowerPoint or pdf file to this discussion board as an attachment when the discussion board opens for you. Late presentations will not be accepted.

Works Cited, 2 points: On the last slide of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to list the sources that you used – you must use Chicago Manual Style (CMS). Your sources must be scholarly. You may not use Wiki sites or blogs. Refrain from getting information only from politician web pages as they are biased. Your textbook may count toward your two required sources, though you must use outside sources as well.

Comments, 5 points: The remaining 5 points will come from comments you post regarding other students’ presentations. You must look at a minimum of 5 presentations and post questions or comments for your classmates. Each presentation you comment on is worth 1 point for a maximum of 5 points, but please feel free to review all of the presentations. Please make your comments constructive and helpful for other students. Your comments may concern the information presented or how the information is presented; for example, color schemes or animations, anything you enjoyed about their presentation or think could be improved. Please be courteous and mindful of your comments. Comments that do not follow the rules of netiquette will not be given points and may be reported to the Dean of Students.

Here is your assigned plural executive (if you have the State Board of Ed or Texas Railroad Commission, just name all members and select one to discuss):

Abay, ZION Governor
Alcantara, Mishella Lt. Governor
Amaya, Sebastian Attorney General
Arrazola, Isabella Comptroller of Public Accounts
Arvizu, Andrea Land Commissioner
Baig, Sophia Agriculture Commissioner
Banks, Shonvette State Board of Education
Bell, Amari Texas Railroad Commission
Brown, Aidan Governor
Butcher, Ashley Lt. Governor
Cassidy, Rebekah Attorney General
Clark, Dajah Comptroller of Public Accounts
Cuellar, Emma Land Commissioner
Dinh, Truc Agriculture Commissioner
Dondero, Emilie Texas Railroad Commission
Drury, john Governor
Duncan, Darryl Lt. Governor
Edwards, Macie Attorney General
Escobar, Jasmin Comptroller of Public Accounts
Gelli, Varun Land Commissioner
Gish, Sydney Agriculture Commissioner
Honescko, Jacob State Board of Education
Johnson, Alex Texas Railroad Commission
Johnson, Reese Governor
Li, Xinbo Lt. Governor
Madrid, Mateo Attorney General
Mahaffey, Clay Comptroller of Public Accounts
Mardis, Cindy Land Commissioner
Marvelli, Rebecca Agriculture Commissioner
Mcintire, shane State Board of Education
Meideh El Beik, YAMEN Texas Railroad Commission
Moreno, Jonathan Governor
Morris, Sheron Lt. Governor
Nasufi, Amina Attorney General
Reyes, Jonathon Comptroller of Public Accounts
Richie, Michael Land Commissioner
Rogers-Taylor, Caitlin Agriculture Commissioner
Russell, Danika Texas Railroad Commission
Sadeghi, Matt Governor
Sheffield, Erin Lt. Governor
Smith, Brittney Attorney General
Smith, Faythe Comptroller of Public Accounts
Smith, Kirstyn Land Commissioner
Suarez, Jocmeiker Agriculture Commissioner
Tobler, Karli State Board of Education
Valentin Vilchez, Yamiley Texas Railroad Commission
Valentin, Katherine Governor
Yaseen, rzan Lt. Governor
Zapata, Trinity Attorney General

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