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Glendale Community College Homelessness in America Article Analysis

Glendale Community College Homelessness in America Article Analysis

Question Description


Evaluate the annotation in technique and writing quality/clarity. Evaluate the summary in its use of original language, brevity and how it captures the content and spirit of the original idea. Evaluate the power and formatting of the quote, and the follow-up.


Topic: The topic I am researching is homelessness. Specifically homelessness in America. Since homelessness is very common especially in America, I want to know the specific reasons on why it is so high. Another question I want to research is, what are the causes of homelessness? A lot of people believe it is from substance abuse or someone losing their job, but I would like to know the main causes and how we can help those that are homeless get back on track.

Annotation Entries: Leins, Casey. “10 Facts About Homelessness in America.” Google, Google, 2019,

The author Casey Leins researched causes of homelessness in the nation. Not only did she research, but she gathered the information from U.S officials which makes the information reliable. This article lists of reasons of homelessness with statistics and other facts. The information provided in the article is factual and provides stable causes of homelessness. The author explained that homeless has been going up these past couple of years, but overall it’s been on a downward slope. Using this article for the research paper will help a lot since the facts are laid out with evidence.

“Homelessness Statistics by State.” Homelessness Statistics by State | United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH),

In this article, each state reported their stats of homelessness. This source will help a lot by giving evidence and statistics for the numbers of homelessness. This source is very reliable since it is a government issued article. Also discussed in this source is when each number was reported to make sure it is up to date. This source also breaks down the types of people who are homeless and if they have any illnesses.

“1. Although homelessness increased slightly – by 0.3% – between 2017 and 2018, it’s been on a general downward trend for the past decade, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. In 2018, about 553,000 people were homeless for at least one night, according to the nonprofit organization. Between 2007 and 2012, an average of 630,000 people experienced homelessness per year. 2. Half of all people experiencing homelessness in 2018 were in one of five states, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: California (24%), New York (17%), Florida (6%), Texas (5%) and Washington (4%). Of the country’s urban areas that include a major city, New York, Los Angeles/Los Angeles County and Seattle/King County had the most homeless people” (Casey Leins, 2019).

Summary: The author, Casey Leins, lists causes of homelessness in the article. Each statistic was reported by an official. With all the knowledge in the article it will be easier to research and help the homeless. Casey Leins even added places to where homeless people can go to rest, what the ages and races of most homelessness people are and how we can end homelessness.

Strong Quote: Although many people believe homelessness is cause by the own people’s wrong doing, there are many more deep causes of homelessness. Casey Leins explains, “Homelessness has been exacerbated by the nation’s lack of affordable housing. A worker earning minimum wage in the U.S. would have to work nearly 127 hours per week to afford a modest two-bedroom rental home in most of the U.S., according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.” This is only one of many reasons as to how homelessness is caused. Most homeless people are not homeless because of their bad choices, but simply because of society and how low minimum wage is. It is not livable for most people which causes them to go homeless. Hopefully after researching this topic, it will be better understood why homelessness is high and how we can lower it.

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