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Genesis 30 Biblical Passages Analysis Paper

Genesis 30 Biblical Passages Analysis Paper

Question Description

Write a 4 pages long analysis paper about a biblical passage. The passage is attached below, and you only need to analysis a short part of it which is Gen. 30: 14-24 Rachel finally conceives a child. You can situate this paragraph in the context of the process / pattern of Jacob’s procreation.

It is from Once at the time from the wheat……………..May the Lord add another son to me!

  • In this paper, you are going to write all about what YOU learn from the language.
  • About quotation or cite work:

In the one paragraph of introduction, summarize what happened or what is the main idea of this passage. You should create your own start after reading the sample introductory paragraph below:


The prophet Daniel occupies a strange position in between the Jews and the Babylonians. At the beginning of the Book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar defeats the Israelites, destroying the Temple and running them out of Jerusalem. But then he demands that a select group of Jews should be educated in his own court—perhaps in order to indoctrinate them in Babylonian customs and beliefs. Daniel is one of these extraordinarily handsome ‘insiders’. As the writer of Daniel portrays the hero preparing for his first act of dream-reading, however, he emphasizes Daniel’s status as an outsider, not just his privilege within the court. This apparent contradiction, in turn, prepares the way for a portrayal of Daniel as a prophet who subtly undermines Nebuchadnezzar’s power even while he seems to bolster the king’s knowledge and understanding. The reversal that we see in Chapter 2 prepares the way, ultimately, for Nebuchadnezzar’s descent into the state of a beast for seven years.

Notice some things here:

  • This thesis has more than one sentence.
  • I would expect that the paper might start by establishing the ways in which Daniel is an ‘insider’
  • I would expect the paper then to discuss ways that the Daniel-writer “emphasizes Daniel’s status as an outsider” and builds toward how this “undermines N’s power.” Each of these points is really about a process, so it might take two paragraphs to show how each point works.
  • I would probably analyze in the chronology of the passage, mostly; I would have some references to other passages, or to my knowledge of the previous chapter and later chapters, in order to synthesize.
  • The last sentence of the Intro paragraph is what I might suggest in the Conclusion, where I would open up to suggest larger implications of my close analysis of the passage.

2.After the introduction, start your analysis verse by verse. You need to write one paragraph for each verse. Please quote the verse you are going to write about first, then write about the language. Write about the following:

List of effects to look for (but do not simply look for every effect – different passages do different things, and this list is only to get you thinking!):

prose or poetry?

what genre?

repetition of words, sentences, phrases, scenes; parallelism

dialogue vs. storytelling vs. description

pacing, timing


sentence structure: what’s first, what’s last, what’s subordinated to something else

gaps in causation: what’s left out?

lack of explanation


weird things: odd phrasing, noticeable awkwardness

Quoted passages do not speak for themselves: it’s your job as a writer to tell your reader, sometimes at length, why you cite a particular passage and what you notice there of importance to your argument. Create a ‘quotation sandwich’ in which you introduce the passage, quote the passage, and then analyze the passage (your own intro and analysis are the pieces of bread). Below, the black indicates the ‘bread’ while the quotation itself is in red, the ‘meat’ of the sandwich.

When Daniel finally comes before Nebuchadnezzar, he seems at first to deny that he can help at all: “No wise man, exorcist, magician, or diviner can tell your majesty the secret about which you ask” (2:27). This seems to emphasize the way that Daniel has put himself at risk, since it is close to what Nebuchadnezzar’s court magicians already said to him. At the same time, his declaration tells the king that the dream is a secret, a very special secret. He establishes both his respect for the king and the limits of human knowledge and understanding—even the king’s limits—in order to assert, in the next line, the power of the God of the Jews.

4.Do your best to figure out the sentence structure of brief quotations, so that when you insert them into your own sentences, they will make grammatical sense. Use word-by word quotations, but don’t overuse them. Not everything has to be quoted–paraphrase and summary are good ways to cite evidence too.

5.Refer to biblical writers as “the writer of the Book of Daniel” or “the writer.” If it becomes relevant, you can say “the editor” or “the compiler” but simply saying “the writer portrays things in x way” can be very useful and keeps it simple.

6.Your paper should also cite and quote material from the poems correctly according to either MLA (or Chicago) style for in-text citation. Quote all bible passages by Chapter:Verse. Please have a Works Cited page at the end, on which you list the OSB correctly. You do not need any other sources.

7.When you quote and cite your source in the body of your paper, punctuation is delayed to the end of the sentence.

Daniel continues, “But there is in heaven a God who reveals secrets, and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what is to be at the end of this age” (2:28).

4. Please notice you need to conclude a thesis in each paragraph.

Do not write about other content from the Bible except in the introduction, that you can explain the passage by connecting it to what happened before and after.

The whole paper is about analysis so don’t write about your personal experience, just write about the language. In each verse, what you can learn from it, what main idea does it show, what language does the writer use to express what meaning? What language is interesting and why.

5. There is no outside sources allowed in this paper, because you should write what you develop by yourself.

6. Please read the ppt I attached to help you develop your analysis verse by verse. The ppt is a sample help you how to analyze.

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