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FIU Inter Professional Collaboration in Health Care Teams Response

FIU Inter Professional Collaboration in Health Care Teams Response

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Help me study for my Nursing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Please reply to the following two discussion 100 words one reference each

#1 Yulier Rodriguez Medina

Collaboration is a term commonly used in research, clinical practice, and health professions education. There are collaborations in almost every aspect of health, such as patient advocacy and health care collaboratives, collaborative learning, interprofessional collaboration in practice and in education, health care value collaborations, business collaborations, collaborative efforts in research and funding. More commonly referred to as interorganizational collaboration in the business domain, the principles are similar in the health professions and are often referred to as interprofessional collaboration (IPC). (Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel; 2018)

Collaborating usually provides a means for organizations, institutions, or professions to achieve more than they can on their own.( Bridges DR, Davidson RA, 2011-2016) Business has used collaboration for many years to share costs, spread risk, and reduce supply chain uncertainty while forming strategic economic alliances that also serve as fertile grounds for innovation and learning.

Interprofessional education (IPE) “occurs when students from 2 or more professions learn about, from, and with each other.” It has been suggested that to be a genuinely interprofessional education experience such interaction requires purposeful integration and collaboration among the disciplines, whether in an educational or practice environment.

The committee concludes that transformational leadership and action by each organization’s board of directors and senior and midlevel management are needed to fully secure the advantages of these five management practices. Because HCOs vary in the extent to which they currently employ these practices, as well as in their available resources, collaborations with other HCOs can facilitate more widespread adoption of these practices.

Creating work environments for nurses that are most conducive to patient safety will require fundamental changes throughout many health care organizations (HCOs)—in the ways work is designed and personnel are deployed, and how the very culture of the organization understands and acts on the science of safety.

The empirical evidence on effective management practices that does exist is difficult to locate. Management literature is poorly indexed for practical applications and is not easily reviewed and synthesized (Walshe and Rundall, 2015).


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Walshe K, Rundall T. 2015. Evidence-based management: From theory to practice in health care. The Milbank Quarterly 79(3):429–458.

#2 Yulier Rodriguez Medina

Power is a complex and extensive concept in nursing, which has a decisive impact on the accomplishment of duties, satisfaction and achievement of professional goals. Explaining the concept of power in nursing from the perspective of nurses and accessing its various dimensions may result in a better understanding of this issue.

The concept of power in nursing can be considered a purposeful issue based on the nurses’ viewpoint which flourishes in the context of human, moral and caring nature of the nursing profession. According to its dependence on the nature of profession and on the basis of professional communication, Power of nursing grows with a fluidlike flowing structure, linked with human values, reaches maturity and results in outcomes such as improving the quality of care and professional excellence.

Power is an important instrument for managers to implement their decisions. However, the unwanted use of power emerges when that power serves the individual goals of a person in power rather than the goals of an organization (Buchanan & Badham,1999/reviewed,2016). According to the literature, power styles used by managers cause different results in terms of employees working in different sectors for attaining organizational objectives such as performance and job satisfaction. Accordingly, it has been found that employees are affected very positively by expert power and identity/charismatic power, mildly positively by reward power and legitimate power, and negatively by coercive power (Korkmaz & Abaan, 2015).


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