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ERAU Measuring Customer Satisfaction of E Banking in Bangladesh Worksheet

ERAU Measuring Customer Satisfaction of E Banking in Bangladesh Worksheet

Question Description

Can you help me understand this Management question?

Hello. Here is the assignment.

You will continue work on the SWOT analysis or identification of your

strategic audit company’s strengths, weakness, opportunities, and

threats by writing elements about the internal environment and its

impact on your strategic audit company.

Section IV of the Strategic Audit Report will consist of multipleparts; however, for this module, you will work on three specific partsabout corporate culture, marketing, and finance (next module you willwork on the other parts of Section IV).

One part of the section will allow you to explore your company’scurrent corporate culture and marketing objectives; then you will createan Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) table for areas of strengthsand weaknesses, and finally, you will create a financial data table or10-K report.

Gaining a firm understanding of the environment currently existing inyour company, how they market themselves, and their financial situationwill enable you to see what they are doing correctly and what needs tobe improved.

Complete Your Deliverable

Provided are the guidelines to complete each part:

  1. Create a written overview of your company’s culture. Is it positiveor negative, does it align with the organization’s objectives,strategies, and policies? Explain your company’s marketing goals. Arethey clearly stated, consistent with their mission and vision statement,and follow the organizational goals?
  2. Complete an Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) table using the guidelines and instructions in the following documents:
  3. Review the following guidelines for the SEC Form 10-K Report andcomplete the blank 10-K template. This will allow you to gain a betterunderstanding of your strategic audit company’s financial position.

    Submit Your Results

  • Part 1 of your assignment should be one-two pages in length.
  • Parts 2 and 3 of your assignment should consist of the completed worksheet and template.
  • All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced using current APA formatting where appropriate.

You should have a total of one-two pages and the completed worksheetsupon completion of all parts. Compile all pages of your document tosubmit to this assignment.

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes yourfirst and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not addpunctuation or special characters.

Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitinwhen you submit your assignment in this activity. Turnitin is a servicethat checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism bycomparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, andarticles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work isentirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material!

MGMT 436 4.3 Strategic Audit Report Rubric

MGMT 436 4.3 Strategic Audit Report Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentification and Analysis of the Main Issues/Problem

25.0pts(Excellent- A) Identifies and understands all of the main issues in question.Insightful, and thorough analysis of all the issues.

20.0pts(Above-Average – B) Identifies and understands most of the main issues in question. Thorough analysis of most of the issues.

15.0pts(Average – C) Identifies and understands some of the issues in question. Superficial analysis of some of the issues in question.

10.0pts(Near-Failing – D) Identifies and understands few of the issues in question. Incomplete analysis of the issues.

0.0pts(Failing – F) Identifies and understands very little of the issues in question. No analysis of the issues.

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnswers to Questions

20.0pts(Excellent- A) Answers to questions are clear throughout. Connection with classand study material goes well beyond the obvious connections among ideas;demonstrates insight and original thinking.

15.0pts(Above-Average- B) Answers to questions present some irrelevant information on topicetc., but very little; treatment goes beyond obvious connections withclass and study material.

10.0pts(Average – C) Answers to questions are vague in places; some irrelevant or distracting information.

5.0pts(Near-Failing- D) Answers to questions are unclear and/or confusing. Treatment isvery superficial; paper may be well written but says nothing.

0.0pts(Failing – F) Does not address the questions. Treatment is very superficial and says very little.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStrategy Choice and Justification

20.0pts(Excellent- A) An appropriate, reasonable strategy is selected and successfullydeveloped. Content knowledge is used correctly. Justifies the strategy,conclusion, and/or answer to the problem.

15.0pts(Above-Average- B) An appropriate, reasonable strategy is selected and moderatelydeveloped. Content knowledge used appropriately, with minor computationerrors. Justifies the strategy, conclusion, and/or answer, but leavesout details.

10.0pts(Average- C) An appropriate, reasonable strategy is selected, but minimallydeveloped. Uses content knowledge with conceptual errors. Attempts tojustify the strategy, conclusion, and/or answer, but the justificationis only somewhat relevant to the problem.

5.0pts(Near-Failing- D) There is an attempt to solve the problem. Barely any strategy isapplied that could lead to an answer. Rarely uses content knowledge.Attempts justification for the strategy, conclusion, and/or answer, butthere is no relevance or connection.

0.0pts(Failing- F) There is no attempt to solve the problem. No strategy is appliedthat could lead to an answer. Uses no content knowledge. Does notattempt justification for the strategy, conclusion, and/or answer.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLinks to Course Readings and Additional Research

20.0pts(Excellent – A) Excellent research into the issues with clearly documented links to class (and/or outside) readings.

15.0pts(Above-Average – B) Good research and documented links to the material read.

10.0pts(Average – C) Limited research and documented links to any readings.

5.0pts(Near-Failing – D) Incomplete research and links to any readings.

0.0pts(Failing – F) Provided no references or support of analysis.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCommunication, Style and Mechanics

15.0pts(Excellent- A) Solution is presented in a clear and orderly manner so the readercan follow the flow of the solution and final answer. Chooses words fortheir precise meaning and uses an appropriate level of specificity.Sentence style fits audience and purpose. Sentences clearly structuredand carefully focused. Almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation,and grammatical errors.

12.5pts(Above-Average- B) Solution is presented appropriately, but may contain a minorerror. Reader can follow most of the steps in the solution and finalanswer. Generally uses words accurately and effectively, but may be toogeneral. Sentences generally clear, structured, and focused, though somemay be awkward or ineffective. May contain a few errors, which mayannoy the reader but not impede understanding.

8.0pts(Average- C) Solution is presented appropriately, but contains conceptualerrors. Solution is presented in an unclear manner. Scorer hasdifficulty following the sequence of steps. Uses relatively vague andgeneral words, may use some inappropriate language. Sentence’s structuregenerally correct, but sentences may be wordy, unfocused, repetitive,or confusing. Usually contains several mechanical errors, which maytemporarily confuse the reader but not impede the overall understanding.

4.0pts(Near-Failing- D) Presents the problem in an unclear manner, steps are missing orout of sequence. Scorer cannot determine a sequence of steps. Tends tobeing vague and abstract, or very personal and specific. Usuallycontains several awkward or ungrammatical sentences; sentence structureis simple or monotonous. Usually contains either many mechanical errorsor a few important errors that block the reader’s understanding andability to see connections between thoughts.

0.0pts(Failing- F) Does not present the problem in a manner that can be deciphered.Misuse of words throughout. Awkward sentences throughout. Difficult toattach a thought process. Poorly punctuated, misspelled words,grammatically abusive.

15.0 pts

Total Points:100.0

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