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ERAU Management of Information Systems Disasters & Incident Response Plan

ERAU Management of Information Systems Disasters & Incident Response Plan

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Contingency plan, disaster response plan, and disaster recovery plan

are overlapping plans contained in the business continuity plan. An

incident response plan provides a framework to map out procedures and

instructions an organization must follow when faced with a disaster.

Using the format provided in the text as well as additional resources

provided in the readings section, design an incident response plan for a

small business. Include actions to be taken if each of the following

events occur:

  • Virus attack
  • Power failure
  • Fire
  • Burst water pipe
  • ISP failure

What other scenarios do you think are important and need a plan?

MGMT 394 7.3 Hands-On Rubric

MGMT 394 7.3 Hands-On Rubric




This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent and Development

30.0pts(Excellent- A) Content is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive. Major pointsare demonstrated or clearly stated and well supported. Responses areexcellent, timely, and address activity, including course concepts.Content and purpose of activity are clearly articulated.

26.0pts(Above-Average- B) Content is accurate and persuasive. Major points are demonstratedor stated. Responses are adequate and address assignment. Content andpurpose of activity are clearly articulated

23.0pts(Average- C) Content is not comprehensive and/or persuasive. Major points areaddressed, but not well supported. Responses are inadequate or do notaddress assignment. Content is inconsistent with regard to purpose andclarity of thought.

20.0pts(Near-Failing- D) Content is incomplete. Major points are not clear and/orpersuasive. Questions were not adequately answered or demonstrated.

17.0pts(Failing – F) Demonstrates unacceptable mastery of content. Few or no requirements of the activity are included in the response.

30.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization and Structure

30.0pts(Excellent- A) Structure of the activity is clear and easy to follow.Demonstrates excellent flow of thought. Activity is organized andstructured in a manner that provides a clear representation of afinished product.

26.0pts(Above-Average – B) Structure is mostly clear and easy to follow. Finished product is presented.

23.0pts(Average- C) Structure of activity is difficult to follow. Product is notfinished or if present does not flow from the rest of the activity.

20.0pts(Near-Failing- D) Organization and structure detract from the rest of the activity.Points are disjointed and lack in transition of thought.

17.0pts(Failing- F) Structure is absent or not consistent. Organization is notapparent and inaccurate. Presentation and delivery are unacceptable.

30.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis

25.0pts(Excellent- A) Analyses are organized in a logical manner, clearly presented, andtitled properly. Activity is easy to understand by a lay reader anddirectly addresses the research questions.

22.0pts(Above-Average- B) Analyses are sufficient in number, but may not be well organizedor as clear as they could be. Analyses are on topic, but may notperfectly reflect the research questions posed.

19.0pts(Average- C) Insufficient analyses/reflection are included. Anayses/reflectionsdo not adequately address the questions posed. Analyses/reflections arenot well organized or clear.

17.0pts(Near-Failing – D) Analyses/reflections are partially included, but are not clear or organized.

14.0pts(Failing – F) Does not demonstrate ability to analyze assumptions and evaluate evidence, complexity of issues, and alternatives.

25.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormat

15.0pts(Excellent- A) Activity demonstrates all designated guidelines in a clear andconsise manner with proper formatting. Format enhances readability ofwork. Demonstrates excellent ability to use technology and toolseffectively to enhance the finished product.

13.0pts(Above-Average- B) Activity follows all guidelines and technology/tools are used toformat the activity appropriately demonstrating a finished product.

11.0pts(Average – C) Activity follows most guidelines. Formatting is not consistent and does not represent a finished product.

9.0pts(Near-Failing – D) Activity lacks many elements of formatting.

7.0pts(Failing – F) Activity is not formatted at all.

15.0 pts

Total Points:100.0

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