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ENG 302 Virginia Commonwealth Technological Advancements in Health Administration Questions

ENG 302 Virginia Commonwealth Technological Advancements in Health Administration Questions

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Part 1: Pre-Research for Project 1

Write a brief paragraph in response to the following questions. Please write in complete sentences.

Do some pre-search for Project 1 to help you find a current (arose within the last 18-24 months) and unresolved (not yet settled) issue in your field in your field that you find interesting. This must be something on which there is disagreement in your field—in other words, different folks have different ideas about how best to solve it or what the right resolution is.

To find these issues in your field and identify some that might interest you, do the following:

  • Think back to any classes you’ve taken in your major so far or things you already know about your field.Are there any unresolved issues in your field that you discussed in those courses or know about from other places that you find interesting? Give a brief example or two here, particularly those you might want to explore in more depth for Project 1.
  • Google your field and “unresolved issues.” What comes up? Is there anything interesting there that you’ve heard about in your major classes or other outlets? (Please use the CRAAP test to make sure the sources you’re reading are credible! .Edu, .gov, and .org sites are the most reliable. More on this in Week 2).
  • Read the headline of today’s New York Times or Wall Street Journal. (Go to the library homepage, and click the blue Databases box. Then select “F” in the alphabetical row at the top, and then “Factiva News Pages.”). Are there any issues in the headlines that seem relevant to your field of study? Make a brief note about any issues you find that seem interesting and a link to the source in which you found it.
  • Then find a professional association in your field. Professional associations are organizations that work to advance a given profession or field. These are member-based organizations you have to pay to join. In exchange, you receive benefits that help you advance your career: like access to the organization’s publications, conferences, job lists, etc. And they often offer student discounts! The leading professional associations in your field might have been identified in your field’s Subject Guide on the library website. If not, Google your field and “professional association.” Scroll through the associations that come up, giving preference to those that are national. Once you’ve found one that seems like a good fit, go to the association’s homepage and look for a “News” tab. If you don’t see one, click on their “Conferences” tab and see what the theme or panels are about this year. Provide a link to the homepage of the professional association you found and any page on which you found information about a specific issue in your field that interests you from that association. Briefly explain what you learned about this association and any issues in your field that seem interesting
  • Next, find a relevant trade publication in your field. A trade publication is something written for professionals in the field by professionals in the field; this is different from a scholarly journal, which is peer-reviewed and written for PhDs in the field by other PhDs in the field. For example, Accounting Today is a trade magazine for CPAs and other practicing accountants. The Journal of Accounting Research is a scholarly journal your accounting professors would read. Trade magazines in your field may be identified in your field’s Subject Guide. If not, stay on your professional association’s homepage and see what trade journals or magazines it publishes (often available under it’s “Publications” page). These often look more colorful and are easier to read than scholarly journals. Browse through the recent articles of any trade publication you find to see what issues in your field are highlighted.Provide a link to the trade publication you found, and make note about what issues you find that seem interesting. Are you seeing any common issues cropping up across platforms so far?
  • Finally, go to and type the name of your field into the search bar at the top. Is there any pending legislation that seems relevant to your field that you’d like to explore?

Provide a link to the legislation and write a brief note about what it is and why it’s interesting to you and relevant to your field here.

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