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ENG 124 Cuyamaca College Vegetarians Essay Question

ENG 124 Cuyamaca College Vegetarians Essay Question

Question Description

I’m working on a english writing question and need support to help me study.

As far as the structure of the essay, here are some things to look for and comment on in the paper and then in the comment box AFTER you have annotated the paper thoroughly:

  1. Read for the introductory hook. What does your peer use to engage the average reader in their paper? Then, what context does your peer provide?
  2. Does the reader have a title yet? Also, does the reader have the MLA address instituted on the left side of the paper? Does the writer have his or her or their name and page number on the right side of the
  3. At the end of paragraph one, you should see a Rogerian Thesis statement, beginning with the word “Although.” How does your peer use a counterargument, and then argue his or her argument on the topic of happiness. ? Remind your peer to underline the Rogerian thesis statement and all transitions (at least 6 of them) in their papers. Lastly, is the thesis based on the writing prompt or did your peer go somewhere else? If the paper is off-topic, review the prompt with your peer and help this peer get back on track. Example of a Rogerian Thesis: Although pesticides are widely used in American farming, pesticides should be limited or possibly banned due to their negative effects on humans and the ecosystem.
  4. After the thesis, the writers MUST use paragraphs and evidence of his or her insights into the evidence in order to develop the paper. What sources does the writer use? Does the writer use in-text citations? Does the writer use proper MLA formatting? In the paper itself, make notations regarding whether the student has used parentheses and the author’s last name and page in the parentheses after any borrowed sounding material.
  5. Signal phrases to introduce borrowed materials: Does your peer use phrases like this: Wendell Berry notes that those who eat just to eat are not truly enjoying the process of eating as an “industrial act”; instead, they are “victims” of the food industry (48). Students need to use the author’s first and last name and a present tense verb to introduce ANY borrowed material. If there is not an author, use the title of the article and put it inside of quotation marks. If the student is citing a chapter from a book without an author, cite the chapter inside of parentheses too. All book titles and play titles and anything long should be placed in italics.
  6. If you are using a quotation, look for a signal phrase like this: Mochon, Norton, and Ariely contend, “……” (100 – 109).
  7. Read through the body of the paper, and be sure your peer does NOT lose his or her voice. For instance, after a quotation, the writer should explain what that quotation means. Also, your peers should comment on the meaning of a summary or a paraphrase in order to keep their voice.
  8. Read for a closing paragraph with a transition phrase such as In closing, In conclusion, In sum, Finally, Lastly. Students can refer to Canvas in Module One or Two, Useful_Transitions…. You will find all the transitions for other parts of your essay and for the conclusion. Be sure that your transitions are underlined, however many you have used. Have your peer show you that they have underlined the transitions too.
  9. At the close of your peer review, read the Works Cited page through. Look for the alphabetical order of all entries, last names first, and read to see how the essays from the anthology were used as well as other library sources.
  10. In the Works Cited, be sure that the student has cited databases properly and included the access date after any database scholarly articles. Here’s an example after the URL or doi, you should see this: Accessed 22 July 2020 or whatever date the student read the database material. If you have questions about a MLA papers or a Works Cited entry, go to (Links to an external site.) to check any of your MLA questions.

Use of Rhetorical Strategies and Devices:

  1. What rhetorical strategies does this writer use to move his, her, their paper along? For instance, do you see narrative, exemplification, comparison, contrast or any of the 17 strategies listed on the handout?
  2. How does the writer support his or her Rogerian Thesis? Does the writer support the counterargument by using credible sources? Also, does the writer support his or her argument throughout the essay with qualified sources?
  3. What kind of claims does the writer use? How is the writer responding rhetorically to the prompt they chose?
  4. What is the quality of the sources the writer is using?
  5. What kind of Aristotelian Logical Appeals does this writer use to move the argument forward? Explain what you think is happening with the argument?
  6. Does the student avoid the use of logical fallacies (see Canvas Studio or Zoom Lecture for a review of the logical fallacies most commonly used by developing writers, marketing agents, politicians, and virtually anyone who writes).
  7. What kind of quality sources is used as evidence to move the argument forward? What are you noticing?

Criteria for Success:

  1. The student must have multiple pages and paragraphs of writing, equaling 4 – 5 pages of writing PLUS the last page should be the Works Cited.
  2. Underline the Rogerian Thesis and all Transition Phrases throughout the paper.
  3. The student has an introductory paragraph, multiple body paragraphs, and a closing paragraph.
  4. Does the student use transitions INSIDE each paragraph and to introduce new paragraphs as the essay develops? Note this in your commentary.
  5. Avoid the use of Wikipedia, Sparks Notes, Cliff’s Notes or random Google Websites. All Sources are scholarly sources from the online Grossmont College library and/ or qualified, credible .gov or .edu sources.
  6. Avoid the use of we, us, you, our, and I in this paper.
  7. Note if the paper has a strong introduction, multiple paragraphs of support and analysis of the argument, and a conclusion. Be sure that the counterargument is not overlooked, and the student addresses reasonable arguments against his or her position in this paper by using credible sources.
  8. Note whether the student has a sufficiently strong closing paragraph. What are you to take away from reading this paper? What is strong? What could be stronger? Be kind but firm in your recommendations.
  9. After you have thoroughly annotated your peer’s text, complete the comment box with your overall insights, recommendations, and words of encouragement!
  10. Essay #3: Research Paper Options Some ideas for a deeper dive into food research: ( With the food topic, be sure that you write a NEW paper–otherwise, you will have a paper that is deemed as plagiarized, so find a NEW direction that you have not already written on). ?Nutrition and Food?Food and Aesthetics?Poverty Policies and Food?Justice and Food?Government Policies and Food?Capitalism and Food?Marketing and Food?Other Nations and Food Policies?Futuristic possibilities/nightmares of food production and consumption?Organic versus Standard Growing Practices?Monsanto and Other Large Corporations and the Food Industry?Socioeconomic Classes and Food?Cultural Traditions and Food?Economics and Food?The USDA and Food?The Marketing of Soy: Is It Beneficial for Human Consumption??Food Labeling on Packages and Canned Goods?Health and Varieties of Food Consumption?Antioxidants, The Natural Color of Foods, Food Color Added, and Health?The Marketing of Canola Oil?Safe Plant Oils for Human Consumption?Healthy Meal Plans for People Seeking to Have Biological Children (Weston-Price Plan).Some ideas for happiness and worldview research:?Research on happiness and anything that students have not already researched on this topic?Does one’s worldview affect one’s overall health and happiness and success?? Argue the importance of developing a worldview that is respectful of other worldviews?The impact of C.S. Lewis’s ideas/writings versus Sigmund Freud’s ideas/ writings on the 21st Century ?Strategies for Changing One’s Socioeconomic Status?The Effects of a Darwinian Worldview on humans, U.S. law, and culture.?The Effects of a Christian Worldview on humans, U.S. law, and culture.Other Research Areas: All of these topics must be examined under the aegis of The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights:?Fake News and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution ?Microfinance and the reasons for Microloans in the modern world.?The cost of college and college graduates indebtedness. What has caused the huge increase in college costs? How can Millennials and Gen Y work to bring these costs down? What tax- payer sensitive solutions are reasonable and possible??U.S. Cities with the poorest education systems: causes and reasons for this.?U.S. Cities with the highest crime rates: causes and reasons for this.?Fluoride and its use in American drinking water systems. The controversy behind this chemical.?Human Trafficking and the Moral and Legal Issues surrounding this modern problem.?Reasons for or against supporting the freedom seekers in Hong Kong?Reasons for or against supporting the freedom seekers in Iran? Historic pandemic diseases and viruses. Address the causes and possible cures for these life-threatening diseases?California and its “Wall of Debt”: solutions for this debt??Censorship via Big Tech and its effects on people ?Term limits for all politicians serving in Congress?The legal implications of foreign countries funding political parties and politicians?The Federal Reserve: advantages and disadvantages for its existence. ?The power of other non-elected entities such as the EPA and others?Privacy and invasion of privacy via the internet, cell phones, and most electronic forms of communication.

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