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EIU Performance Appraisals Training & Development & Hilton Case Study Discussion

EIU Performance Appraisals Training & Development & Hilton Case Study Discussion

Question Description

I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


1. Please explain why, in your opinion, do many supervisors dislike or even avoid giving employees performance feedback. Further, explain what a supervisor can do to minimize distortions in the appraisal process.

2. Assume you have been hired as a Training Manager for your organization and have been asked to develop a new training program to develop new managers; discuss how you, after developing the skills profile, would go about selecting instructors and learning activities to meet the different levels of skill needed by new managers. Focus this discussion on the skills you identified in discussion four and rated in discussion five.

Discuss how the selection of instructors and activities for manager training (advanced skills) might differ from a training program for technicians or line employees (beginner skills).

3. Look at the list of the 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and the list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Diversity. Find a company that is on both lists that you think would be good to work for.

  1. Company Name
  2. What made you select this company? Why do you think it would be a good place to work? Why did it peak your interest?
  3. Stats from the diversity list – % of minorities, % of women, % of boomers or older, % of people with disabilities, % of lgbtq
  4. Go to the company’s website
    1. What do you find on their website regarding diversity?
    2. What benefits are provided for all employees?
    3. What employee resource groups does the company have (if any)?
    4. Does the organization’s website say anything how their corporate responsibility to take care of their communities or the environment?
    5. Is there anything on the website regarding religion or spirituality?

    4. After reading the following case study answer the questions at the end.Elaine Hunt Ethical Case StudyTwenty-eight-year-old Elaine Hunt, who is married and has one child, has been with United Banc Corporation (UBC) for several years. During that time, she has seen the company grow from a relatively small-size to a medium side business with domestic and international customers. Elaine’s husband, Dennis, has been involved in the import-export business.The situation that precipitated their current problem began six months ago. Elaine had just been promoted to senior financial manager, which put her in charge of 10 branch-office loan managers, each of who had five loan officers who reported to him or her. For the most part, the branch loan officers would go through the numbers of their loan people, as well as sign off on loans under $250,000. However, recently this limit had been increased to $500,000. For loans over this amount and up to $40 million, Elain had to sign off. For larger loans, a vice president would have to be involved.Recently, Graphco Inc. requested a $10 million loan, which Elaine had been hesitant to approve. Graphco was a subsidiary of a tobacco firm embroiled in litigation concerning the promotion of its products to children. When reviewing the numbers, Elaine could not find glaring problems, yet she had decided against the loan even when Graphco had offered to pay an additional interest point. Some at UBC applauded her moral stance while others did not, arguing that it was not a good financial business decision. The next prospective loan was for a Canadian company that was exporting cigars from Cuba. Elaine cited the U.S. policy against Cuba. Elaine cited the U.S. policy against Cuba as the reason for not approving the loan. “The Helms-Burton Amendment gives us clear guidance as to what we shouldn’t be doing with Cuba,” she said to others in the company, even though the loan was to a Canadian firm. The third loan application she was unwilling to approve had come from Electrode International, which sought $50 million. The numbers had been marginal, but the sticking point for Elaine was Electrode’s unusually high profits during the last two years. During dinner with Dennis, she had learned about a meeting in Zurich during which Electrode and others had allegedly fixed the prices on their products. Because only a handful of companies manufactured these particular products, the price increases were very successful. When Elaine suggested denying the loan on the basis of this information, she was overruled. At the same time, a company in Brazil was asking for an agricultural loan to harvest parts of the rain forest. The Brazilian company was willing to pay almost 2 points over the going rate for a $40 million loan. Because of her stand on environmental issues, Elaine rejected this application as well. The company obtained the loan from one of UBC’s competitors.Recently, Elaine’s husband’s decision making had fallen short of his superior’s expectations. First, there was the problem of an American firm wanting to export nicotine and caffeine patches to Southeast Asia. With new research showing both these drugs to me problematic than previously thought, the manufacturing firm had decided to attempt a rapid-penetration marketing strategy – that is, to price the product very ow or at cost in order to gain market share and then over time slightly increase the margin. With 2 billion potential customers, a one-cent markup could result in millions of dollars in profits. Dennis had rejected the deal, and the firm had gone to another company. One person in Dennis’s division had said, “Do you realize that you had the perfect product – one that was low cost and both physically and phsychologically addictive? You could have services that one account for years and would have had enough for early retirement. Are you nuts for turning it down?!”Soon afterward an area financial bank manager wanted Elaine to sign off on a revolving loan for ABCO. ABCO’s debt/equity ratio had increased significantly and did not conform to company regulations. However, Elaine was the one who had written the standards for UBC. Some in the company felt Elaine was not quite up with the times. For example, several very good bank staff members had left in the past year because they found her regulations too provincial for the emerging global marketplace. As Elaine reviewed ABCO’s credit report, she found many danger signals; however, the loan was relatively large, $30 million, and the company had been in a credit sales slump. As she questioned ABCO, Elaine learned that the loan was to develop a new business venture with the People’s Republic of China, which rumor had it was also working with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The biotech venture was for fetal tissues research and harvesting. Recently, attention had focused on the economic benefits of such tissue in helping a host of ailments. Anticipated global market sales for such products were being eliminated at $10 billion for the next decade. ABCO was also willing to go almost 2 pints above the standard interest equation for such a revolving loan. Elaine realized that if she signed off on this sale, it would signal an end to her standards. However, if she did not and ABCO went to another company for the loan and paid off the debt, she would have made a gross error, and everyone in the company would know it.As Elaine was wrestling with this problem, Dennis’s commissions began to slip putting a crimp in their cash-flow projections. If things did not turn around quickly for him, they would lose their new home, fall behind in other payments, and reduce the number of educational options for their child. Elaine had also had a frank discussion with senior management about her loan standards as well as her stand on tobacco, which has lost UBC precious income. The response was, “Elaine, we applaud your moral outrage about such products, but your morals are negatively impacting the bottom line. We can’t have that all the time.”Questions

    1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Elaine has made.

    2. What are the ethical and legal considerations facing Elaine, Dennis, and UBC?

    3. Discuss the moral philosophies that may be relevant to this situation.

    4. Discuss the implications of each decision that Elaine could make.

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