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ECO 320 Harvard University Money and Banking & Financial Institution Discussion

ECO 320 Harvard University Money and Banking & Financial Institution Discussion

Question Description

1) Which of the following is NOT a financial institution? *

a life insurance company

a pension fund

a credit union

a business college

2) The management of money and interest rates is called ________ policy and is conducted by a nation’s ________ bank. *

monetary; superior

fiscal; superior

fiscal; central

monetary; central

3) High interest rates might ________ purchasing a house or car but at the same time high interest rates might ________ saving. *

discourage; encourage

discourage; discourage

encourage; encourage

encourage; discourage

4) When I purchase a corporate ________, I am lending the corporation funds for a specific time. When I purchase a corporation’s ________, I become an owner in the corporation. *

bond; stock

stock; bond

stock; debt security

bond; debt security

5)It is true that inflation is a *

continuous increase in the money supply.

continuous fall in prices.

decline in interest rates.

continually rising price level.

6) Everything else constant, a stronger dollar will mean that *

vacationing in England becomes more expensive.

vacationing in England becomes less expensive.

French cheese becomes more expensive.

7)Japanese cars become more expensive.

The gross domestic product is the *

the value of all wealth in an economy.

the value of all goods and services sold to other nations in a year.

the market value of all final goods and services produced in an economy in a year.

the market value of all intermediate goods and services produced in an economy in a year.

8)The measure of the aggregate price level that is most frequently reported in the media is the *

GDP deflator.

producer price index.

consumer price index.

PCE deflator.

9) To calculate the growth rate of a variable, you will *

calculate the percentage change from one time period to the next.

calculate the difference between the two variables.

add the ending value to the beginning value.

divide the increase by the number of time periods.

10) If real GDP grows from $10 trillion in 2002 to $10.5 trillion in 2003, the growth rate for real GDP is *





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