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ECE3 13 Ashford University Problem Solving Involving Kids Discussion

ECE3 13 Ashford University Problem Solving Involving Kids Discussion

Question Description


TURNITIN SCORE MUST BE BELOW OR AT 20%…as I will be checking on my end.

400 words




Choose one of the following scenarios from Chapter 8 in your text:

  • Some parents request that their boys should not be permitted to play in the dress up area, and should not be allowed to wear women’s hats, shoes, and clothes to dress up.
  • Some parents complain that their children continually come home with paint on their clothes and sand in their hair, and ask that their children not be allowed to paint or play in the sandbox (Wardle, 2013, p. 221).

Using the following strategies from Keyser, presented in Chapter 8, construct a thoughtful response to the parent in your chosen situation. Name the scenario in your post (Dress Up or Mess). Then, respond to each of the following points in your post.

  1. Listen and ask open-ended questions. (What questions will you ask to be sure you understand the parent’s perspective?)
  2. Restate and reframe the parent’s ideas. (How will you rephrase the situation to demonstrate to the parent that you understand their problem?)
  3. Find common ground. (Refer back to the child. Restate that both you and the parent want what is best for the child, therefore______ should be done.)
  4. State your position, ideas, and feelings. (Be sure to leave your emotions out of this. Be sure to include fact.)
  5. Give information as appropriate. (At this point, you must include one outside resource, preferably a community resource, to assist the parent with this issue.)
  6. Give the parent an opportunity to respond. (What will you say to encourage the parent to share their thoughts?)
  7. Outline the conflict as equally valid viewpoints. (Although this would be necessary in a conversation, it is not necessary to include in this assignment.)
  8. Invite, discuss, and choose possible solutions. (Offer a reasonable solution.)
  9. Thank the parent and set up a time to check back in. (What would be the appropriate amount of time before revisiting this situation?)


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Week 4 Discussion: Mess

Listen and ask open-ended questions.

Is there a common ground as to which we can settle, to give the child interactions in which they will thrive creatively and through interactions outdoors? Perhaps can we ask that you provide a apron, or spare pair of clothing, in which we will ensure the child’s sent home cleanly? Is there perhaps another activity that is similar in nature, that you as a parent do at home, that we can consider mimicking here at home?

Restate and reframe the parent’s ideas.

Day in and day out children in my class run, play outdoors, jump, skip, paint, and roll around on the floor in preschool. There is an impossibility about the request, per the community that exists within the classroom. If one, or only a few children are no longer aloud to learn and grow through creativity, and outdoor activities those children will likely feel left out. Perhaps finding common ground and meeting in the middle will present a positive outcome for all individuals involved.

Find common ground.

I realize that sand, and paint can be a nuisance and burden upon the parents involved and am going to make a bigger effort to clean up all children after paint time, and outdoor time. We are in this together, and am happy to work with you for whats best for your children, therefore aprons, and shake offs after outdoor time, will prevent this from being a issue sent home is what, in my opinion, should be done. Benefits of outdoor time are increase in grades, motivation, outdoor skills, communication skills, and their overall behavior is enhanced as well. (Bachelors Degree Online, 2020) Building sand castles and talking amongst classmates is what I primarily observe during our outdoor time.

State your position, ideas, and feelings.

Children love to experience the great outdoors, and get there wiggles out, so to speak. So, in part of my effort to incorporate more time outdoors while staying tidy after, we are setting aside 15 extra minutes after outdoor play. As for painting and creative time I will ensure that any and all children unable to provide a apron will have aprons for there child, to safely play in a clean environment. We will be setting aside a additional 15 minutes for clean up after these activities to hopefully benefit the children from coming home with sand, and paint on their attire.

Give information as appropriate.

Many parents and teachers struggle to find common ground on this topic, but here is a few benefits as to why removing painting may actually prove un-beneficial. Exercises the brain and enhances right brain learning, known as the creative side of the brain. Expressing emotions on paper, versus onto teachers and peers. Builds self-esteem in ways of whatever you feel you can paint it onto the paper, there is no right or wrong answer. (Kids Steam Lab, 2020) Should you, the parent, decide to remove painting from the classroom, I will respect this. I would like to try aprons and increased clean up time, and check back in, if that is alright with you, respectfully.

Give the parent an opportunity to respond.

As your child continues to attend our school/establishment how can I help to assure you the benefits of an apron and more cleanup time, versus exclusion from these activities? My hope, for all my children, in class, is to give them opportunity to grow and establish deep rooted creativity, and love for the outdoors. Your child is included in on my mission to better our future generations, and it would be my pleasure to help assure you I will try harder to send your child home clean and tidy.

Thank the parent and set up a time to check back in.

I am always available through Class Dojo, email, or phone, should this implementation of new precautions to play not suffice. The needs of all my children are at top priority, and plan to hear from me about 1 week from now, with a update to see if aprons and increased cleanup time is beneficial. Thank you for your time, and patience in this matter, and I will be sending home the house plants, and paintings next week, that your child created in class. END OF PEERS EXAMPLE

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