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CYB 601 National University Social Engineering Essay

CYB 601 National University Social Engineering Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a cyber security case study and need support to help me learn.

Read each question carefully and answer all three questions using your own words; although you should include supporting resources where necessary (use APA formatting and include any references immediately following each question, do not put them all at the end). Your essay answers should include an introduction, body, and conclusion for each question. Answer the three questions separately, starting each question at the top of a new page. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages; however, you need to write a complete and thorough essay for each question, making sure you address all parts of each question. Here are some formatting requirements:

  • Margins = 1 inch on all sides
  • Use 12 pt. font size, double-spaced
  • Use a standard font type (e.g., Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Times Roman); do not use a script-style font
  • Do notcreate a cover/title page – only include a simple heading at the top of Page 1 (only) which includes the Course #/Title, “Final Exam – Essay Questions,” your full name, and the date (do not make it a repeating header)
  • Do not repeat the questions, just write your essay answers

Essay Question #1:

Social Engineering may involve the use of several different tactics, techniques, and methods – each of which have different characteristics and definitions. The instructor added the tactic of “trickery or deceit,” which is not on the textbook author’s list.

  • Name the five tactics given by the author.
  • The author also lists five techniques used by social engineers to get personal information – one technique is “urgency,” what are the other four techniques?
  • Finally, there are several different methods for conducting social engineering, for example “dumpster diving” to find discarded financial records, what are two other methods?
  • Describe two different social engineering schemes and the ways you would combine specific tactics, techniques, and methods to accomplish them.

Essay Questions #2:

  • Describe the basic functions of the two different types of IDS, including the benefits/advantages and disadvantages of each type
  • Explain the two primary methods used for detecting potential attacks.

Essay Question #3:


  • Read all of the scenario before you start to answer the questions.
  • Answer the question as you would talking directly to your customer (not to the instructor).
  • Explain both assumptions and solutions.


You recently opened your network security consulting business and a new customer comes to you with a problem:

“…You know that I have a Real Estate business in the small shopping area on Main Street. My office is in a great location between the Outdoor Café and the Outrageous Coffee Shop. Lots of high tech and professional people like the shopping area to sit, socialize, and work. Buyers come by the office and drop in to talk just because they are in the area. Business is GREAT. I have had three new loan brokers join our office in the last six months. I thought that I was too small to worry about security, but a kid got into my wireless and changed the SSID to “MrSpock_was_here.” Now everyone is asking how I am protecting their information. Talking to the owners of other Real Estate businesses, they said that they got a Security Consultant to help and explain security.”

Okay, you have done a great job explaining everything, like Kali, and securing my company, but I still don’t understand this “public and private key” thing. You keep talking about how important it is to maintain confidentiality and authentication, how does that happen with these keys?

Answer your client’s questions, ensuring that you cover the following information (these are not the questions, these are guidelines):

  1. What are the two types of encryption algorithms (other than hashing)?
  2. What is the difference between a public and private key?
  3. How can confidentiality and authentication be achieved using public key cryptography?

Create a single Word document with all three essay answers.

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