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Cuyamaca College Protein Functional Groups Synthesis Questions

Cuyamaca College Protein Functional Groups Synthesis Questions

Question Description

Protein Synthesis

Draw the general structure of an amino acid.

An amino acid always contains what two functional groups? Draw the structure each of those two groups.

Draw the structure of the amino acid glycine in the space below.Next to it draw the structure of the amino acid alanine.

Now, circle the areas of the two amino acids that would come together to form a peptide bond.In the space below, draw the structure of the dipeptide that would be formed by joining glycine and alanine.

If the amino acids glycine, alanine and valine were combined in one compound, what would the compound be called?

A dipeptide consists of two amino acids held together by a peptide bond.A tripeptide consists of three amino acids held together by peptide bonds.A _____________ consists of many amino acids held together by ___________ bonds.

Write the name of the amino acid represented by each of the following abbreviations







Write the abbreviations (three letter and single letter) for each of the following amino acids







The ____________ structure of a protein refers to the linear sequence of amino acids in that protein.

Make up an example of the primary structure of a protein in the space below.

The ____________ structure of a protein refers to a regular, recurring arrangement of the amino acid chain.One such arrangement, called the ___________ occurs when the amino acid chain forms a spiral or coil.

Draw an example of this structure in the space below.

Another type of ___________ structure is called the _________ _______.This structure consists of parallel strands of polypeptides.What types of bonds hold these sheets together?

The ___________ structure of a protein refers to the specific folding and bending of the primary structure and secondary structure into coils or fibers.It is this structure that gives proteins their biological activity.

In the space below, draw a representation of this level of structure in the space below.

Some proteins have a __________ structure that occurs when two or more peptides come together to form a more complex unit.In the space below draw a representation of a protein that has quaternary structure.

For each of the different classes of proteins listed below, give a description of the function of the protein and an example of the type.










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