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Cuyamaca College Methods of Restoring the Tasmanian Tigers and their Ecosystem Essay

Cuyamaca College Methods of Restoring the Tasmanian Tigers and their Ecosystem Essay

Question Description

I’m working on a biology report and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Watch the video above on how the reintroduction of wolves back into Yellowstone National Park positively impacted the biodiversity and ecology of the local environment.

Please, it is important to use simple words and your own words and dont use professional words that I as a student can not understand.

The re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park is an excellent example of the importance of biodiversity to ecosystems. It turns out that the apex predator, feared by people for years, was critical to the health of the local ecology, with a relatively small impact on the local ranching practices. you will explore the importance of Biodiversity.Then, write a paper that addresses the following questions:

  • Because new species will eventually evolve to replace those that humans are driving to extinction, why is declining biology diversity such a threat?
  • Your textbook describes several causes of declining biological diversity. Choose an animal, plant, or ecosystem that you are interested in and discuss the most important cause of its decline. Be sure it includes any indirect causes, influencing the direct causes.
  • What type of human activities have contributed to the decline of your organism(s)? (This may be combined with the above bullet if appropriate.
  • Develop a method to restore your organism and/or it’s ecosystem. Why would your method work? What resources would be required? How will you convince other people to go along with it (do you need to convince a local community or local, state, federal government; another country, etc.)?

You will write a 4 to 6-page paper addressing the points above. Provide a reference section as an additional page. Be sure to cover the above points thoroughly. These should not be simple answers to the above questions, but a thorough analysis of the problem facing the organism(s) you chose.

Reference Format: You have probably all learned MLA format. For science papers, you should use APA format. Don’t worry, if you have learned to format a reference section in any method, you can easily apply a different formatting style. You still need the author, date of publication, title, publisher, etc., but you will mainly put it in a different order. Below are some guildelines for using APA format. You can also use Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.), a very good online writing lab. (Use the links on the left of the Purdue page to get more specific information.)

You may use books, journals, magazines, and any website ending in .edu, .gov, All other websites must be approved by me first. However, any info taken from a website must have an author. If no author is given, then it is an inappropriate source for a college paper. Information from sources with no author will not count toward your points in the project.

You may NOT use encyclopedia-type websites like Wikipedia, Britannica, Encarta, FactMonster, etc., nor videos or television shows even if they are documentaries.

Citations Use the following format for citations and references:

Book: Author. year. Title. Place of publication: Publisher. # of pages.

Example: Treshow M. 1970. Environment and Plant Response. New York: McGraw-Hill. 250p

Magazine or journal article: Author, year. “Title of article”, Title of magazine or journal. Vol (#): Page range where article is found.

Example: Banks, J., Webb, M., Hickok L. 1993. “Programming of sexual phenotype in the homosporous fern Ceratopteris richardii.” Intern. J. Plant Sci. 154(4): 522-534.

Website: Author. (Year). Title. Retrieved Date from (website address).

Example: Meyer, A. S. (2000.). Memories of a time gone by. Retrieved February 6, 1996 from

Your reference list should be put in alphabetical order by last name.

When citing the work in the text, you should put the author’s last name and the year of the publication in parentheses. Example: (Dudzik, 1999). Do not use endnotes.

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