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Cumberland University Ethical Issues in Sports Discussion

Cumberland University Ethical Issues in Sports Discussion

Question Description

Using the MLB steroids case as an example, explain how unethicalchoices by some players harms players who comply with the rules.

This posting should be atleast 250 words. Respond to at least 2 other postings. Your primaryposting can end with a “tag-line” or a related question of yourown. Your secondary postings can either answer another student’squestion, or comment on their answering my question. In addition, pleaseensure that you answer all of my questions.



MLB steroids are performance drugs that have been in existence for some time now. They are popular with various athletes who tend to make their way to the glory of medals easily and breaking records. The MLB steroids have two negative impacts in sports. Firstly, they have long-term effects on the lives of the athletes. They result in steroid rage and liver cancer (Koller, 2008). However, this problem is not as critical as the other because it happens out of a choice of the individual athlete. A player has an opportunity to use such steroids or not to use them. The second issue with the MLB steroids is the ethical concerns they bring in the world of sports (Weiler, 2009). All the competitors engage in sports because of the benefits such as handsome salaries. Due to the nature of the competition, every participant needs a fairground to show the world that they are talented.

The MLB steroids are unethical in two ways. The use of steroids is a form of cheating in competitions that ought to be fair in all aspects. The anabolic steroids have, for a long time, been used to enhance physical performance. They are useful in reducing fats while increasing muscles. The MLB athletes that use them deny the counterparts that use them fairness of competition. The disciplined players who genuinely train while eying the top prizes end up demotivated. They become insecure that no matter the amount of effort they direct to training, they may not win the title of becoming the best. Some athletes are demotivated to the extent of quitting their careers because they are sure they may not achieve much (Weiler, 2009). However, the players that use steroids make success as easy as pie. They act to block their discipline counterparts the opportunities to shine as well. Secondly, steroids may raise a lazy generation that only believes in cheating and shortcuts in the field of sports. Ethics is all about discipline. The steroid users may make everyone that intends to be an athlete to imagine that the only way to win and break records is by using steroids. This notion may make the young generation also begin thinking along these lines. Extensive use of these drugs may mean that competition will no longer be ethical. Instead, people will compete based on the number of steroids in the bloodstream of the athletes.


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Weiler, P. C. (2009). Leveling the playing field. Harvard University Press.


Integrity is the sub-authority of attitude that is alarmed with concerns of straight and immoral. That being the argument, sport these days is a sanctuary of prospect for principled assessment. Though, while the additional substantial and technical characteristics of sport, such as evaluating components of individual performing in a research laboratory, have obtained significant consideration by scholars, the ethical module of game performance has collected reasonably slightly. It is not that moral issues are non-concern, but instead that they are habitually dominated by want to supervise exploration that will help players move greater, more rapidly, and develop tougher. Sport can be a tool for coaching encouraging object lesson, and those examples come from commitment in pursuit where moral predicaments happen repeatedly. The approach individual responds when confronted with an honorable predicament is motivated by principles that are established upon different principles. Our principles are influenced by encounters along with momentous others who control our existences involving parents, schoolteachers, trainers, and acquaintances. (Dodge, 1998).

If we have remained inspired in the direction as to benefit champion beyond individual quality, sportsmanship, and respect, that will be displayed in our attitude to contribution in sport. This emphasis on the natural expertise of elevated execution competitors, particularly in specialized sport, has established a situation portrayed by self-importance and self-improvement. As of wide publicity by the broadcasting, this selfish methodology pervades set down all the way through other concentrations of sport. Even at the varsity concentrations, where the principles of learning are opening, student players frequently go to the greatest customer who can extend them the highest in conditions of information improvement. All over the complete entertainment sport procedure are exemplars where loyalty to ethical standards is unfortunately missing. (Eitzen,1988).


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Eitzen, D.S. (1988). Ethical problems in American sport. Journal of Sport and Social Issues,12(1), 17-30.

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