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COM 3461 Florida International University Witness Film and The Globe Questions

COM 3461 Florida International University Witness Film and The Globe Questions

Question Description

Movie Clip

You just viewed a scene from the film “Witness” starring Harrison Ford. Ford’s character is a Philadelphia police detective who is assigned to solve a murder where the only witness is an Amish boy who is traveling with his mother. Neither of them has left their small farm before. Ford discovers that the boy and his mother are not safe and he brings them back to their farm. Ford is wounded in a shoot out and by the time he reaches the farm he passes out from his injury. The Amish woman and her father nurse Ford back to health.

In this particular scene, the boy’s grandfather is explaining to the boy the way the Amish view guns.

  • The view that the Amish have towards guns and killing is related to which one(s) of the conclusions discussed by Stodtbeck and Kluckhohn in relation to Functions of Cultural Patterns?…


  • How do the Aborigines relate to one another in terms of the Social Relations Orientation? Give examples from the essay.

The Globe

Please check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is a title, then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about the image and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of this document as it relates to the theory in the text.

Go to The Globe. Locate Iceland (in Europe), Brunei (in Asia), Vanuatu (in Oceania) and South Africa (in Africa).

  • Based upon your cultural background, what culture do you think you would have the hardest time adapting to? Explain and relate what your text says about cultural adaptation to your answer.

Proverbs and Culture

Proverbs are statements of wisdom that serve as a window into a particular culture’s worldview. Consider the perspectives these proverbs reflect.


  • All lizards lie on their bellies, but nobody knows which of them suffers a stomachache. (Nigeria)
  • Nobody refers to part of his body as a hump. (Nigeriareferring to family)

North America

  • Every man for himself.
  • Good fences make good neighbors.


  • The son of a son is dear. The son of a daughter a stranger. (Saudi Arabia)
  • A big mouth person’s words and point of view are worthless. (Iran)


  • The nail that sticks up gets pounded. (Japan)
  • He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. (Korea)


  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. (German)
  • One father is better at caring for ten children than ten children are for one father. (Norway)

South America

  • A people without history are like the wind. (Peru)
  • Those who came before us will know us forever. (Argentina)


  • Roads are for journeys, not destinations. (Tonga)
  • With due a flower will bloom again. (Kiribati)
  • Compare and contrast the proverbs of North America and Asia. What do the proverbs tell you about the respective worldview or world orientation (the definition of world orientation is in the text)? Explain

In detail, summarize at length the video “What it means to be a leader in different cultures” and relate it to ANY aspect of the course you wish.…

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