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COM 1388 Rasmussen Child Trafficking & Social Styles Discussion and Response

COM 1388 Rasmussen Child Trafficking & Social Styles Discussion and Response

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Module 04 Discussion – How Your Social Style Affects Your Communication Style

In the discussion board this week, you will be focusing on how yourspecific social style affects your work habits, work relationships,success at work, and what you’d like to change. Reflect on how youcommunicate with the opposite gender, age group, or culture. Givespecific examples.

Initial Posting:

In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the topics detailed in this module’s Social Styles lecture.

  • What is your social style at work and how does it affect your work habits?
  • Do you have different social styles depending on where you areand what your role is? For instance, do you have a different style atwork with your co-workers than you do with your supervisors?
  • Do you have a different style at work then home?
  • How has your style been successful?
  • What do you feel like you need to change?
  • How do others view your style?

Reply Post:

In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to at least one student about their social style.

  • What did you learn about social styles from the other student?
  • How will you use this information to better help you with your work habits/relationships?
  • Based on what you read from the other posting, what advice would give?
  • What will you change (if anything) about your social style at work/with family based on the information you read?

Module 04 Course Project – Rough Draft

Writing the Rough Draft

As you begin to move beyond your initial outline and summary, yournext step will be drafting. Drafting is a very important step in thewriting process, but by no means should it be considered the finalstage. In it you should focus on putting as much on paper as you canincluding your Purpose Statement (though it may eventually change), yoursupporting evidence, and analysis of the evidence. It is less importantto worry about having all the correct words and punctuation as it is towork hard to express as much as you can about the topic. When you havecompleted the Rough Draft, you should be 90% done with the FinalProject.

If it helps, think back to when you drafted your purpose statementin your outline. How has your work up to this point worked towardsolving the issue you have identified? What have you unearthed as youhave dug into your topic? Addressing similar questions to those from theearlier assignment in your introduction may help you find direction inyour draft:

  • What is the problem?
  • When does the problem occur?
  • Who and/or what does it affect?
  • What are the potential solutions for the problem?
  • How can you present the solution(s) in a fair way to your audience, respecting their perspective(s)?

Your rough draft will consist of the bulk of your proposal’scontent, and should include your proposal broken into four sections:

  • Purpose: Indicate the purpose statement and scope of yourproblem – tell us what you will be solving and why you believe it is animportant issue.
  • Problem: Share what the actual problem is and any history thatyou have regarding it or additional problems that will branch from thisinitial problem.
  • Solution: Provide what your solution(s) to the problems are, andoutline the steps that you think are needed to get to the solution.
  • Conclusion: Wrap it all up and provide a conclusion to thereader. Be sure to engage your reader by applying effectiveorganization, appropriate tone, and clear usage.

Also, provide a reference page with a minimum of four referencesproperly formatted in APA style. At least two of your references shouldbe scholarly sources. At this stage, the draft should be between 3-to-5pages plus the reference page.

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