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California State University Northridge Seeking Truth and Justice Narrative Essay

California State University Northridge Seeking Truth and Justice Narrative Essay

Question Description

Hello, I contacted you regarding an essay due December 18. These are the instructions for it.

Please write a multi-paragraph (paragraphs can be 9 or more sentences long) essay using the essays or works suggested in this section (at least 2) as your support, as well as (at least 3) outside sources. The overall topic is SEEKING TRUTH AND JUSTICE. The research essay should be written just as your other essays, with an introduction and conclusion, but because of its length, you will need to share your expression with several body paragraphs. That really is the only difference. Each body paragraph should have a strong conceptual TOPIC SENTENCE that shares ideas you see as relevant to the overall topic(s) <SEEKING TRUTH> <SEEKING TRUTH and JUSTICE> <SEEKING JUSTICE>

Truth should be defined:

noun, plural truths [troothz, trooths].

the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.

conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.

a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.

the state or character of being true.

actuality or actual existence.

an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.

CONSIDER Carl Sagan’s essay “Does Truth Matter?” (310) This is a dense expression of the myriad of farcical notions we humans have about life. It questions what we know, but mostly what we think we know or what we superstitiously know or what we think our abilities are to reach higher powers and the unknown. It is incredibly powerful and can begin your journey. It is peppered with enclosed subtext (the boxes within the essay) that are most interesting! How do facts change our life? Why do people ignore them?

This essay could set you on a course to seek: odd hoaxes and ridiculous notions (Salem Witch Trials or Transcendental Meditation) or an essay about the pandemic and quarantine we are living today and how the information about its truth has been parsed with political ambition in its way. Consider all the avenues Sagan travels and let yourself sit with it for a bit. Does truth matter? The groundwork of this essay is a perfect start.

This essay also touches on science as a form of spirituality (312) and the Latin translation of spirit is “to breathe.” Will the future allow for these two entities to meld?

CONSIDER “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson (218). This document sought freedom from tyranny. The British Crown (Great Britain) continued to tax the colonies, so the colonies rebelled, fought a war and won. They devised this document to separate themselves from Britain and to establish their beliefs in a new rule of law. How is this document relevant today as we consider ALL MEN and WOMEN?


Today, the highest court in the land, The Supreme Court, often is considered binary (one of two things; either conservative or liberal). How are these judges considered liberal or conservative? What makes their decision-making identify them as one or the other. And what does it mean when a judge is called a originalist? How do judges come to their decisions within the reality of our world today. This would make for an interesting research essay as to the makeup of the court and how each judge seeks truth and justice.

You MUST have perfect MLA formatting including the appearance of your paper and use of intext references. All quotes must be absolutely accurate and your intext references must be absolutely accurate!! They must refer to an absolutely accurate entry on your Works Cited page. There should be (at least 6) entries on your Works Cited page.

Things to considers for your research/brainstorming/intro/focused paragraphs:

  • What is truth? In Science? In Politics? In our Society? Where does it begin and end? How much truth can we take? Where does our truth come from? Once we establish our belief system, how often do we question our truth, if ever? How does Truth encounter Justice? Who seeks Justice? Why?
  • What is society’s role in establishing and maintaining TRUTH? Because of America’s history, how should the future look in respect to justice and truth?
  • How important is it that we as Americans understand American history as it really happened?
  • How has the “establishment” kept people (who are not white men) in their places? Have things changed at all in the last 50 years in that regard? 20 years? 3 years? How so? Whose voices are heard? Whose voices should be heard? Why and How? Do we turn a blind eye to truth? How true is something true?
  • What ethical responsibility do we have to each other? Our family? Our environment? Are we a depraved society that allows falsehoods and misinformation? Do we allow things to go unaddressed if we are benefiting from a situation? Do we exercise “doublethink”?

Doublethink is a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to accept a clearly false statement as the truth, or to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one’s own memories or sense of reality. Wikipedia

The Instructions are extremely clear and the content as well, please let me know if there is anything else I can provide you with.

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