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California State University Ethical Concerns in Data and Research Discussion

California State University Ethical Concerns in Data and Research Discussion

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Discussion Board #4: Ethical Concerns in Data and Research

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Traditional ethical data and research concerns include two parts: (1) how data collection is done (e.g.) what data should be collected, methods of data collection, and how data should be dispersed, (2) who is doing the data collecting.

Ethical Concern Part 1:

The Stanley Prison Experiment: In August of 1971 psychology professor Phillip Zimbardo sought to investigate psychological effects in a prison setting. In the study, volunteers were assigned as either “guards” or “prisoners”. His participants were unaware of the true goals of the study and how they might be treated. They also were not given the opportunity to leave the study after it started. Early findings suggested that individuals assigned to the “guards” group quickly embraced authoritarian roles, which included inflicting verbal abuse, physical abuse, harassment, and starvation on the “prisoners”. The “guards” harsh behavior quickly escalated, and the study was terminated 6 days later. Many of the “prisoner” participants would later develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the study. The manner in which how Zimbardo collected data is widely renounced as “unethical”.

Ethical Concern Part 2:

Demographics Among Researchers: Statisticians (an expert in the preparation and analysis of statistics) and survey researchers (an expert who designs surveys and analyzes data) are tasked with collecting factual data in order to understand people’s opinions, behavior, preferences, experiences, beliefs, or desires. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 there were a little over 6,000 statisticians in the United States. Of individuals in this profession 78.2% were men and 77.7% were White. Further there were over 17,000 survey researchers in the United States. Of these individuals 57.3% were men and 68.3% were White.

In 2-3 paragraphs (5-9 sentences each) discuss the following: In the fields of criminology, sociology, and political science, we are often collecting data on sensitive topics (e.g.) those who have experienced and/or perpetrated sexual assault, intimate partner abuse, mental health, substance abuse, brutality, and homicide. How can we go about collecting data on sensitive topics in an ethical way (List and explain three specific solutions)? What are the foreseeable problems or concerns associated with a lack of diversity among criminology survey researchers and statisticians? What would diversity in data collection and survey research look like? Explain in detail.

*Note: In addition to an original post, you should create at least one student reply. Your reply should not merely be summarizing their words and/or “Cool post” or “I agree”, your reply should be thoughtful and engaging.

*Note: While posts are solely based on your own experiences, they should be coherent and address the prompt (e.g.) you will lose points for going off on tangents on unrelated topics. Please see the Discussion Board Grading Rubric for more details on grading standards for posts.

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