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BU The Swedish Gun Control Laws Law Enforcement & Crime Rates Response Discussion

BU The Swedish Gun Control Laws Law Enforcement & Crime Rates Response Discussion

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I’m working on a law discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

type a 500 word response to Robert Sacks:

First, I would like to say congratulations if you are seeing this discussion post. That means you got through all the papers and PowerPoints. If you are taking the summer off, enjoy it because you deserve it! If you are like me and just rolling with the momentum, then keep grinding! The last criminal justice system to be discussed is Sweden. There are a couple of ideas I had about Sweden before doing any research on it. The first is that I have been told on several occasions that Sweden has one of the lowest crime rates. I recently had a conversation with my significant other about Sweden discussing their low crime rates and strict gun control laws. We discussed if their strict gun control laws contributed to their low crime. I am not here to debate gun control, but I randomly thought if that was a factor. Between 2011 and 2017, the country of Sweden did see an increase in gun-related crime (Khoshnood, 2019). Now let us look at an overview of Sweden and its criminal justice system.

Sweden is a country in Europe. Sweden touches the countries of Finland and Norway. Sweden is surrounded by the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea. With part of Sweden lying on the Article circle, the country has quite an interesting climate. In Stockholm, the country experiences 5.5 hours of sunlight each day (Enander et al., 2021). The majority of people in Sweden come from Swedish descent (Enander et al., 2021). There is also a large number of immigrants who come from neighboring Nordic countries and live in Sweden (Enander et al., 2021). Since the 1980s, Sweden has seen an increase in Asylum seekers from countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Somalia (Enander et al., 2021). The national language in Sweden is Swedish. The Church of Sweden is the National Church in Sweden (Enander et al., 2021). Over 50% of the people in Sweden are affiliated with the Church (Enander et al., 2021). Well more than half of the people live in cities and towns compared to rural areas (Enander et al., 2021). One thing different about Sweden compared to other countries researched is Sweden has a lack of transnational issues. The one issue Sweden has is the increase of refugees and stateless people entering the country (Sweden Transnational Issues, 2020). Sweden’s government structure is a constitutional monarchy with one legislative house (Enander et al., 2021). The king of Sweden is King Carl XVI Gustaf, and the head of the government is Stefan Lofven (Enander et al., 2021). Sweden’s currency is the Swedish Krona which 8.320 equals one U.S dollar (Enander et al., 2021). Forest products are what Sweden exports the most which include timber, paper, and furniture (Enander et al., 2021). Sweden’s per capita gross national product is one of the highest in the entire world (Enander et al., 2021).

Sweden’s constitution is the basics of its laws (Enander et al., 2021). Specifically, the four components that the laws are based on are the Freedom of Press Act, the Parliament Act, the Instrument of Government, and the Act of Succession (Enander et al., 2021). Sweden believes in giving the powers of the country to the people (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). This means that the head of the state and the king only have ceremonial functions (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). Similar to the United States, Sweden has prosecutors who represent the state and defense who represent the offenders (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.).

Sweden has several different types of law enforcement agencies. Some of these agencies include marine police, local police, security police, and the national police college (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). Sweden also has a national forensic laboratory that is responsible for assisting all the criminal justice agencies in evidence collecting (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). Similar to the United States, Sweden’s law enforcement agencies have access to police cars for various duties (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). They also access to different weapon systems such as pistols and shotguns (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). The Police Act is a document in Sweden is what the police use to determine the proper use of force on subjects (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.).

The prosecution has discretion when deciding if certain cases will go to trial or if they will be settled outside of court (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). For juvenile cases, the prosecution can waiver the case under the discretion of the welfare authorities (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). Sweden has three different court levels (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). The three courts in Sweden are the Supreme Court, the District Courts, and the Court of Appeals (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). Sweden typically imposes specific sentences rather than giving a sentence of life with no parole (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.). There are alternatives to being sentenced to prison in Sweden such as probation, probation, and psychiatric treatment (Wikstrom & Dolmen, n.d.).

Throughout each week, we had the opportunity to see how different criminal justice systems are around the world compared to the United States. One thing that is consistent between all the criminal justice agencies is that they have certain rules and regulations that they believe are best for their communities. Some of these criminal justice agencies have biblical principles that make the country successful. God’s word is the ultimate word in all the land. Psalm 46:1 states, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (English Standard Version, 2009, Psalm 46:1).

In conclusion, I wish you all nothing but the best in your future endeavors. This program is a marathon to say the least and I hope you all continue to never give up! I was shocked when I saw only two people graduated with their Ph.D. in criminal justice at liberty this year.


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Khoshnood A. (2019). Holding Sweden hostage: firearm-related violence. Forensic sciences research, 4(1), 88–93.

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The Holy Bible: New Testament: ESV English Standard Version. (2009). Wheaton, IL: Crossway.


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