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Big Picture Paper Two: Submit Here

Big Picture Paper Two: Submit Here

   please remember due day 20:00 pm 14th July LA time zone 

Welcome to the Submission Page for Big Picture Paper Two!

Below, you will find the prompt for our second Big Picture Paper, as well as guidelines for formatting your work. 

Big Picture Paper #2: Constructing Identity

For this paper, you will briefly summarize and then analyze the ways that each of our authors (Satrapi, Bechdel, and Murakami) address the construction and projection of identity.

  • A brief summary will explain to the reader the various ways that each author recognizes identity as something that can be constructed. For this summary, you should be able to explain whose identity is being constructed and the specific objects that help construct and project those identities.
  • For your critical analysis, you will compare and contrast the ways that people respond to the identities that each author describes. Remember that Alison Bechdel writes about her father’s identity, while Marjane Satrapi and Haruki Murakami write about their own.
    • When you compare and contrast, you should ask yourself how people respond to these identities. Are the identities authentic and easy to convey? Are the identities accepted within society? Do the identities function to hide something about the person, or to share something?
  • Finally, you should reflect on the ways that you relate to one of the authors. For this portion, you can share your own experience with constructing identity, and you are welcome to use first person.

Guidelines and Submission Details

  • Please write a formal academic paper that is 3 to 3 1/2 pages long. The maximum length of this paper is 3 1/2 pages. If you write more than 3 1/2 pages, please revise your work so that you meet the page limit. If you are under the limit, read over your paper and see if there are places where you might add further detail or additional source material.
    • For this paper, please do not count the Works Cited page as one of your content pages
    • Remember that formal academic writing requires us to avoid first and second person (I, we, you). Using first person in your draft is fine, but your final paper submission should be edited and revised to reflect the conventions of formal writing. There is an EXCEPTION! Since you will be making a connection between your own experiences and those of two of our authors, you may use first person in your personal-connection paragraph. Please avoid it in the rest of the paper.
  • Use a creative and informative title for your paper. Do not call this “Big Picture Paper Twp” or “Paper Two”! Have some fun with the title.
  • Take one step beyond the five-paragraph essay structure for this paper. This means that your paper should include: 
    • An introductory paragraph that offers the reader some context for the paper they are about to read. The introduction should include a thesis statement that makes a claim about the nature of language and identity and offers three main points that you will explore in your body paragraphs. Remember that your main points should support, illustrate, or explain the thesis statement.
    • Three body paragraphs that unpack the main points of your thesis statement. Each body paragraph should contain at least one quote from either of the writers you have chosen to analyze in this paper.
    • A fourth body paragraph that connects your experiences with identity to the experiences of one of our authors (Murakami, Satrapi, or Bechdel).
    • A conclusion that reflects on your main ideas. Typically, a conclusion restates the thesis and reviews the main ideas a writer wants their reader to take away from the paper. 
  • Cite all of your sources following MLA format. Include a Works Cited page that provides full citations for each writer’s essay. Please note: your Works Cited page will be the last page of your paper. It does not count as one of the content pages.  
    • You can find MLA style citations on each essay’s respective page. Simply navigate to the page for the reading you would like to review — the citation is posted beneath the embedded PDF.
    • For a guide to creating a Works Cited page, please refer to our Academic Writing presentation. 
    • For an MLA refresher, please review our MLA Style presentation.
  • Save your file as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf. These are the permitted file types for uploads. If you use Google Docs or Pages, you may have to export your file in one of these formats.
  • Use your full name and Paper One as the filename. Here is an example: KristinKaz_PaperOne.doc.

Formatting Demonstrations 

Formatting your paper using Microsoft Word:


Deadlines for Submission

Submit Big Picture Paper One by 8pm* on Tuesday, July 14th.

Before submitting, please review your work to ensure you are meeting the requirements listed in the prompt. 

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