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Auburn University Impact of Global Climate Change in Biology Conservation Questions

Auburn University Impact of Global Climate Change in Biology Conservation Questions

Question Description

The Question Rubrics

  • It is absolutely okay to highlight published background remarks (including our textbook information) in your answers. It makes your research more compelling. But, you should also provide your critical thinking as an answer to this assignment. I will thoughtfully look for your critical thinking. Let me give you some thoughts; the excellent way to do this answer is to bridge the secondary readings and references to support your critical arguments and thinking rather than put them alone by themselves.
  • Each short answer is required to have 100-125 words. If you write more than that, I wouldn’t mind reading, but that doesn’t change the point scale.
  • Questions 4.2 and 4.4 are exceptional concerning word count.
  • Insert the question in front of every answer (MUST)
  • Employ both 1) pieces of knowledge of your thoughts and 2) background reading data with proper citation.
  • Each answer worth 5 points (5X5=25)
  • The main title page is required (MUST)
  • Citations & References: You are required to provide at least one reference to each answer in MLA Style.
  • Please don’t send me the complete website address. You got covert the website into MLA. Study the MLA format on the web.
  • If you quote, it should be cited correctly in the main text and provide the reference under every answer, which gives me a clear understanding of your research

Answer Format:

  • Answer four questions (4X25=100)
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12
  • Images are welcome
  • Margin: 1 inch all sides
  • The page number is required (MUST)
  • Upload the ONLY word document because I need to provide comments and suggestions. If I receive a PDF, 10 points will be reduced.
  • Late submission: will lose 10 points each day.
  • If plagiarism is found more than 20 percent, in any answer(s), point reduction will take place. This is the instructor’s subjective decision.

Question-1: (5X5=25 points)

1.1 Global Climate Change and Biology Conservation

1.2 Chlorofluorocarbons and Climate Change

1.3 Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing and Ecosystem Change

1.4 Global Annual Mean Temperature Rises and Terrestrial Biodiversity Impact

1.5 Populations, Species, and Ecosystems Association and Climatic Conditions

Question-2: (5X5=25 points)

2.1 Conservation Challenges of Endangered Species

2.2 The Status Quo of Bengal Tiger and Conservation Measures

2.3 Primary forests are irreplaceable vs. sustaining tropical biodiversity

2.4 Illegal wildlife trade and Mitigation Measures

2.5 Biodiversity Hotspots

Question-3: (5X5=25 points)

3.1 Superfund Site and Terrestrial Life

3.2 Geographic Information Systems and Impact of Conservation of Biology

3.3 Ecological Restoration

3.4 Habitat Fragmentation and Amazon

3.5 Environmental Impacts and Deep-Water Oil and Gas Drill

Question-4: (5X5=25 points)

4.1 Extinctions and Prevention Methods

4.2 Using Figure 13.3, Provide 5 Countries Names for the 5 Different Map Legends

  1. Under the 10% Target
  2. 10% – 25%
  3. 25% – 50%
  4. 50% – 100%
  5. Not considered forested (Under 0.1% forest cover

4.3 Miss-Managed Development Programs and Habitat Destruction

4.4 Using Figure 11.1, Write 5 Common Statements of Global Geographic Regions concerning Biodiversity Conservation

4.5 Identify 5 Constructive Current Biodiversity Conservation Challenges and 5 Future Directions / Strategies.

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