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Anglia Ruskin California Separated from European Interference Discussion

Anglia Ruskin California Separated from European Interference Discussion

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I’m working on a social science discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Respond to roderick with 250 words

This week while reading chapters one and two of Selby, I got to reflect on which of the four questions I was going to answer;

1-What physical barriers helped to keep California isolated from European intrusion during its early settlement history?

The physical barriers that helped keep California isolated from European intrusion during its early settlement history was described in the readings as isolated by deserts and major topographic barriers, the Rocky Mountains, great southwestern deserts and the Sierra Nevada (9).

3-Explain some of the differences between the Sierra Nevada and the Peninsula ranges.

Some major differences between the Sierra Nevada and the Peninsular ranges are the Peninsula ranges are not as tall or as massive as the Sierra Nevada. Second, the peninsula ranges are further south, and they are further away from winter’s major storm tracks which means it is much drier. Finally, the peninsula ranges are really a series of ranges interrupted by valleys and parallel faults, many of which are active. (pg. 22)

7- Name some areas in California where intrusive igneous rocks occur and explain why they are there.

Some areas in California where intrusive igneous rocks occur can be found at nearly every major mountain range in California. Some more specific places could be Klamath, Transverse, Peninsular Ranges, and the Sierra Nevada are all places where these intrusive igneous rocks form as well as the boulders found in Joshua Tree National Park and the Alabama Hills. These intrusive igneous rocks are there because magma cooled and solidified within the crust of a planet (47).

9-Where would you most likely find metamorphic rocks and explain why they are there.

You would most likely find metamorphic rocks in the Basin and Range, the Mojave Desert, the Trans- verse Ranges, and the Peninsular Ranges. These rocks would be found in these areas because metamorphic rocks are changed by heat and/or pressure that totally does not melt the original rock, thus sandstone or chert can be changed to quartzite, limestone to marble, and shale to slate (47).

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