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AML 2020 Florida Atlantic A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams Analysis

AML 2020 Florida Atlantic A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams Analysis

Question Description

I’m working on a literature report and need a sample draft to help me study.

write a paper on a street car named desire by Tennessee Williams and develop it into a supported, proven 1500 word essay. You are expected to complete research. At least two other, secondary texts are required other than the story or poem you choose. Secondary sources should be outside research material about the story or thesis you have chosen. This does not mean for you to choose other stories. You are expected to provide textual support from all of these sources and cite them correctly according to the MLA format. A work cited page is also required. Demonstrate how a street car named desire you’ve chosen is an example of Naturalist ideology. What qualities does it have that categorize it as such?

Here is a sense of my writing and what I wrote in a discussion post on the topic

The characteristics that make “A Street Car named Desire” a naturalist piece of literature is firstly the time it was written in, all though naturalism was most popular in the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s there was many similarities in the economy and world in the time that there was in 1947 when the play first appeared on broadway (for example a reintroduction to the Civil Rights Movement and another change in feminism). The play takes place in not the nicest part of New Orleans known as the ninth ward and the street car is symbolic of hope. The play is a huge drama and has real life issues that were not spoken about during the time. The naturalist literature is all about being super realistic in almost a harsh way and focuses more on logic, truth, and science. Tennessee Williams did a such a superb job making it seem so realistic and the characters dialogue so free flowing that people really believed it was a true story. The fact Williams covers such harsh, real life, and vulgar issues for the time period also makes it a part of naturalism. Rape was not spoken about, nor was abuse, and the personalities are so drawn out to the tea and description it puts a visualization in the readers head that they are also witnessing Blanche’s trauma, Stella’s pain, and Stanley’s anger.
Blanche see’s Stanley from an outside perspective given she had just arrived to live with her sister it is made clear instantly that Stanley is the stereo type of an angry drunk working class Polish man. Stanley believes Blanche is devilish and can rob him of getting any of the families riches from the Dubois estate known as Belle Reave. The plot thickens and angers Stanley when Blanche tells him there is no money due to the estate being foreclosed on, this enrages Stanley so much he purposely drops the bomb about Stella being pregnant. Blanche is right not to like Stanley because he has a gambling problem , is after money, and is abusive toward her sister. Stella sees the manipulative side of Stanley that all abusers use which keeps her in love with him and blind to his aggression. Every character is suffering mentally from something weather it is alcoholism, aggression, or victim mentality, Stella is a women pregnant in the 1940’s living with an angry gambling man who occasionally will fall to his knees for her, she is caught in the cycle of abuse and does not actually trust him she is really just afraid of being alone and admitting to herself the danger of the situation. The relationship between Stella and Stanley creates drama and is the antagonist for the whole set up of the play.
Lighting plays an important role when Blanche is raped the text says her light dimmed or went out which shows something in her died or went away it allows for a visual, being able to read how dark and dim someone is feeling.

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