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American University Week 3 Pro Social Behavior Discussion

American University Week 3 Pro Social Behavior Discussion

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Discussion B: Pro-social Behavior

Week 3 – Initial Discussion Posting (300+ words):

This week, we dive into this notion of prosocial behavior. Prosocial behavior, an important form of moral behavior is essential for maintaining positive social relationships and promoting social adjustment. Prosocial behavior was defined as behavior through which people benefit others (Eisenberg, 1982), including helping, cooperating, comforting, sharing, and donating (Eisenberg and Fabes, 1998; Greener and Crick, 1999). However, people in China are being recognized as reluctant to exhibit prosocial behaviors. The annual global survey published by the British Charities Aid Foundation showed China to have the lowest level of helping behaviors.

For our discussion this week, answer the following questions:

Why do you think China had the lowest level of helping behaviors? How do you think America compared?

And, do YOU have to be the one to help? Why or why not? Explain, and give one example of a time you exhibited prosocial behavior.

In this week’s Task you will explore an important concept: pro-social behavior.

We will start by learning about a classic study in behavior in the case of Ms. Kitty Genovese.

Watch “The Bystander Effect: Kitty Genovese”


Read the chapter “Helping and Prosocial Behavior” in Together: The Science of Social Psychology.

Begin to ponder what the term pro-social behavior means!

Find and watch videos online of the television show ‘What would you do’? A quick google search should elicit a variety of episode. Then, answer this:

What did you observe about the behaviors?

The events in the episodes address whether regular people (the “bystanders”) will act pro-socially or not. As your text states: all people do not help equally, as there may be costs and benefits of helping; some events are situational.

Revisit your definition of prosocial behavior.

Then, write out your definition of the following terms and provide 1 example of each. You may use external resources where necessary.

1. altruism

2. mindfulness

3. emotional intelligence (EI).

In the video below, Tracy Spinrad, PhD, School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University Symposium, discusses a scientific methodology and prosocial behavior experimentation.


Reflecting on your definitions, how do you think they relate to this concept of prosocial behavior? Specifically, how have they showed up for you? Ensure that you provided your definitions and answered the questions before uploading your assignment


During this week’s Lesson you will begin work on the final project and you will explore prosocial behavior.

This week you will begin work on the final project for this course. Please review the Final Project Document posted here! For your convenience, the final project will be due in several pieces.

· Week 3 – final project movie selection

· Week 5 – one paragraph plot summary of the movie you chose

· Week 7 – rough draft of final project

· Week 9 – final project presentations (via audio or video)

Based on the final project document, think about which movie you would like to watch. You will include your movie selection at the end of this week’s Lesson assignment submission. It will be worth 10 of the assignment’s 100 points.

Revisit in your text Together: The Science of Social Psychology the chapter on Helping and Prosocial Behavior.

Revisit the terms: schema, self, and prosocial behavior by watching these short videos:

“Prosocial Behavior: How Gender and Culture Predict Helping”

Think about the following two questions:

1 – How might the term and concept of schemas relate to prosocial behavior?

2 – How might schemas affect your “Motivated Self” toward being prosocial or not?

Remember, you will upload two things to Moodle this week – the answers to the questions in Activity 3 (worth 90 points) and your selected movie title (worth 10 points).

Final Project_PSY110.docxFinal Project_PSY110.docx

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