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Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Goals to Anti Bias Education Discussion

Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Goals to Anti Bias Education Discussion

Question Description

Please respond to vanessa with 200 words. Your response hsould be in apa

Chapter Reflection: Chapter one

1. Define the four goals to Anti-Bias Education (make sure to label, define, provide key terms to describe each goal.

Goal 1: Each child will demonstrate self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive social identities. Guidelines that are important to follow and to encourage this may be done in various activities to teach children no matter what social identities, races, gender, social class, etc. This goal strengthens social, emotional, and cognitive development. It is very important to acknowledge every child and their families. A child who has a positive sense of self and who is supported will grow and learn to develop and accept others. A child who learns to like the differences in themselves will learn to like the differences in others (Derman-Sparks & Edwards, 2010).

Goal 2: Each child will express comfort and joy with human diversity. It is important to teach children in what ways they are different and the same from others (Derman-Sparks & Edwards, 2010). Teaching children about being different from others and that it’s okay to be different shows children how to be considerate and accept others’ differences. Some ways to teach this is to point out in what ways we are the same like the fact that we all eat food, we breathe, sleep, etc. Then point out in what ways we are different, from characteristics like hair color and eye color, pets we have, etc. This can encourage children to learn about different diversities in their community perhaps starting off in their personal surroundings like home or school or church.

Goal 3: Each child will increasingly recognize unfairness, have the language to describe unfairness, and understand that unfairness hurts themselves and others. Children will have no self-concept or respect for others.

2. Provide an example of each of the four goals of Anti-Bias Education (make sure to address all four goals.

Goal 1: It’s important to nurture every child’s individual personal identity. It’s important to support children’s own families and to acknowledge them in a positive way.

Goal 2: Children will feel comfortable with human connection and diversity as well as different languages. For example, encouraging children to learn about the differences and similarities of others. When a child is aware of this then they will learn how to treat others with respect and compassion.

Goal 3: Children will be able to recognize when someone is being unfair or hurtful towards them or others such as something said about their families, beliefs, etc. or something said directly about that person. Children can not develop a strong sense of who they are if they cannot identify when there are negative verbal actions taking place.

Goal 4: Children will know how to react to others who are behaving in a negative way in regards to prejudice and discrimination towards themselves or others. When a child notices another child being hurtful towards another child in a prejudiced or unfair way is an example of identifying this behavior.

3. State which goal(s) you think that you would struggle with implementing in your future classroom and why- must explain well.

Goal 3…when children recognize what it is when someone is speaking or acting out, showing unfairness and hurtful behavior is important and difficult to implement for the reason that at a young age children can be very blunt when speaking their minds. They have no filter and can be very brutal. They may say hurtful things without even knowing it especially in regards to treating others who are different from themselves. Teaching a child to understand what is considered proper and hurtful comments can be tricky. For example when a child continues to stare at another child for being different like being handicapped. A child who doesn’t know better thinks that they are just stating their opinion but it’s important to teach them that doing so can be hurtful and that there are other ways to go about it if they wanna voice their opinion.

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